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  1. I think overall he is a better player the halliday. . But why he played him the other night is a mystery to me. Halliday not done much wrong but borna gets a cold if the wind changes direction. He cannot simply be flung back in when he comes out of his sick bed. Yes he can cross.rhe ball and get up the park .but so can tav and look at the state of him . He believes his own hype and thinks he is better than he actually is. We are papering over the cracks in my opinion with certain players
  2. Well done to Rangers .. It is great to see us doing what should.be done . We have loads of really loyal female supporters and it's great news for them ..
  3. All I am saying guys it happened everywhere. Man City dealing with it. No other clubs are. You know all he wanted was for someone in the higher echelons of iron to say come over tell us your story and get an apology. Nothing much for thirty years of dealing with this alone with his parents or nothing knowing. Not too much to ask from a supporter who has had season ticket since he was seven or.eight and it was a half season ticket where you uses to rip out the specific ticket put of a bound book with vouchers at the back beside the tickets for cup games etc
  4. Yes it was by that person who I hate to name but neilly. Now Rangers were not aware of the case until my nephew went to Rangers after the players down south kicked it all off and he could not deal with it. He was advised to inform the police which he duly done and statements were taken etc. So Rangers acted in tye way they should and that's fine Nd they could not respond to it 30 years ago as they were not made aware by this specific case, although I know he was sacked on the spot for other allegations. again Rangers done the correct thing and informed the police. My new phew issue is how the club dealt with his abuse allegation. He has then himself up and although he pays his season ticket every year .. sometimes he struggles to go as his head and heart are" not as one" his words. Not.mine. My original point was every club no matter who they are should be following man city in how they handle the response and not the same as Barry Benell former team who are acting like cultic and Rangers. Distancing themselves from it. I understand people may be defensive but honestly guys you really need to open up
  5. Back of season ticket the front I can post without the name and Rangers number if required. Clearly as I require to protected my family member anonymity. .. which I am sure you will understand
  6. Meant to start last Thursday as far as I am aware. In Glasgow Sherrif court. I am not good at writing never mind typing
  7. I new to go deal with my youngest just now but I will be back on later on to deal with any comments. Or questions you have for that matter. As far as.i believe no outsiders can see this ie tims etc. So if you have any questions you don't want any prying eyes to see. Send a private message with any questions and I will do my best to answer.
  8. That's fine .. Other will no doubt follow on from you. I am not here to persuade you.
  9. Look I agree. I M not here to spread stupid allegations. I only speak the truth for a member of my family.
  10. I fully understand that and appreciate that. I know it's not just talking about who plays left back or how bad pies or burgers are. Look I totally understand the seriousness of it all. I know.he wrestled with all of this.. do I tell people what they don't want to hear etc. He actually spoke to Rangers HR and they did advisers go to the police with allegation but never once contacted him after that to see if.he was OK or anything. People even denied there was.any such letter from Rangers with regards to an apology or anything. To this day he has never received a written or or oral apology from the club that he supports Nd has done faithfully and loyally for so many many years. So with regards to me being priest as one person accused me I can advise I am no such sort.
  11. Yes well maybe he wants his story told. Maybe if people stop denying it happened at probably every club, boys brigade, scouts church, chapels, swimming club, athletic club ...maybe we could all move on a deal with things. I know the guy very well as he is a member of.my family. So am I a priest? no .. .. I am only commenting on an issue which a club ...man city have made.great in roads in dealing with their past. If you choose not to listen I can't tell u anymore. You have ur mind made up. However ... I can advise that he has a lawyer dealing with it
  12. I know the boy that was involved. He is still a season ticket holder but his heart is torn by supporting the club and.bein turned away by the club. The "man" now receives counselling to this day. I was "unfortunate" to have him confide in me with regards to the attack that took place within the confines of ibrox as I am.a supporter too and was disgusted by the way in which our club hierarchy dealt with it. It no our fault. . It was another bunch of administrative people that were responsible. No ... As a club we should have dealt with it. ..iI know the guy didn't want millions of pounds just a token of the shit he has had to endure in his life and an apology . So if we are all playing it straight down the line them our club has.muxh to do in order to apologise and they ...like cultic. ...In my opinion cannot bare to say sorry as it will cost them financially. But some don't care .. only want to protect our club. Is that not what happened to those micks. . And torbett and stein. What's good for the goose and all that
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