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  1. We've averaged about 8 shots, a game blocked this month, which says a lot more about the quality of the shots than the quality of the oppositions defenders
  2. Our shooting is horrendous, in the last 5 games we've scored 9 goals from 103 shots at goal Last season over the same period, we scored 10 in 5 games from 50 shots at goal
  3. It was only when the Scottish Football Museum was being established in the mid 1990s that a guy called Ken Gibb tried to track it down. He eventually found it but because the cup is silver and hadn't been cleaned for 60 years it was pot black. It took a lot of elbow grease to polish it back to the beautiful condition it's in now
  4. Sad news, R.I.P. Sir Walter, Legend
  5. Glasgow Cup Semi-Final against Queen's Park 1974/75 not his 112th but guessing that's the one that's missing
  6. Eddie Rutherford scores the equaliser against Q.O.S. in the 1950 Scottish cup semi final 1-1 Rangers won the replay 3-0, Billy Williamson, George Young, and Willie Findlay
  7. 112 mate and good luck finding a pic of it
  8. Apparently it was put in a walk in safe at the SFA's offices and presumed missing for 30 years, until it was discovered in the safe after a hunt to find it was launched to coincide with the new Scottish Museum of Football at Hampden.
  9. Here's a better pic of the bottom one Four in this pic 100+ goals each, total of all four of them 726 goals
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