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  1. The ad for the Live Score app that had Ronaldo scoring an 89th minute header was mildly amusing.
  2. This could get messy lol. Cracking second goal.
  3. That's my view as well. If someone gets tore into me in the privacy of their own home, it's harmless. If someone else films and sends it to me then it's not, and if that same person puts it online and everyone sees it then it pretty bad. The boys shouldn't have been singing it, but Furuhashi and the club have only been harmed because someone put it on social media.
  4. Is James Mortimer not a staunch Rangers fan as well? Petrol bombing a family home is beyond scummy, hope the evil cunts get caught.
  5. Likely going to sound like an old man, but what was the rap song at the end?
  6. My face hurts from smiling, brilliant stuff. The physical and mental strength from players like Tav is amazing.
  7. Katic looking solid these days, clearly not taking it easy while injured.
  8. Alfie really doesn't give a fuck, love the crazy wee guy.
  9. Stupid ad break, thankfully my IPTV has Rangers TV as well.
  10. Maybe I'm getting old and sentimental, but Tav deserves this.
  11. Don't care that he is nearly as old as me, class ages slower. Pleased for him from a personal level, cracking human being as well.
  12. Defoe looked a little disappointed he didn't get it. Not been a bad game, they will probably be gutted it's 3. King and Stewart on.
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