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  1. Never have the time to listen live, but it does cheer me up listening before i go to sleep and tonight's should be even better. Handy that it's also on Spotify now. After the direct and indirect pish i've had to endure over the last decade, it's just a pity that this has all happened when many of us are working from home.
  2. Maybe in September he was, but offered nothing but frustration for months. Pretty much nothing he tries works. Kamara and Aribo not much better though
  3. Watching them overplay everything with minutes remaining was so frustrating. We are certainly missing Roofe.
  4. Still undefeated if I'm trying to be positive, but too many played pish today. Kent is getting so bad that I would rather see Barker and while I don't think Davis had a bad game he frustrated me.
  5. Most frustrating game this season, Kent needs "rested" for a while.
  6. Not 100% why, but he is my favourite player since i was a boy in the 80's. As grumpy as he is, it's infectious when he is not in a mood and if he hits form in the second half of the season then we have nothing to fear.
  7. He has done well and is yet another smart transfer. Just finished watching his interview and he is definitely a confident speaker.
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