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  1. I'm a big defender of him and I honestly hate to bring the good feeling from tonight down and buzzkill but I thought his attitude stank tonight. Right from the off he looked like the Morelos of old (attitude-wise) giving away stupid, needless fouls and throwing the hands in the air and taking the huff. Again, without criticising tonight too much, we had too many folk nowhere near their best without him being like that. Rightly subbed.
  2. Happens to the best of us my fellow online verified Protestant
  3. Tonight I thought he struggled but I can't hold it against him because, IMO, only Arfield & Kamara got pass marks for me overall playing the way they should given the high standards we've set (made the same point there in the match thread) However, I agree with the gist that he always get wrote off and he's still got something to offer us. He is valuable to us. He's not done just yet.
  4. Kamara and Arfield only two that got proper pass marks for me and played the way I thought they should given the standards we've set.
  5. Same. At full time (and I rarely house drink unless I've got guests) I went to get a beer from the fridge and my heart was absolutely racing and my t-shirt had them wee sweat marks at the arm pits. Was kicking everything under my laptop.
  6. fuck him the cunt hope he needs them amputated
  7. Being down twice, grinding out that win and being far from our best. Thought we were very sloppy bar 2/3 moves including the one for Arfield's winner which was absolutely sublime. Glad Roofe's poor effort with ten minutes to go never cost us. Feels fantastic knowing we weren't even close to our best, but it was still enough against a Liege team (who I think) still had something to play for and were giving their absolute all. I was worried after both Benfica games and losing the late goals and dropping the points in each of them games that it could derail us if our mindset wasn'
  8. I'd like to just see us win, failing that draw and qualify. Kieron Dickson is the last thing on anyone's mind.
  9. Everyone has their price I’m not saying otherwise but you keep missing my point and that is we won’t sell unless we want to
  10. Great spot by the linesman for that penalty we never even appealed for it
  11. Honestly so far this is like watching a typical Walter Smith Rangers team at home in Europe when an average side pulls us all over the park with ease. really need to sharpen up here
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