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  1. They’re the worst ever but don’t care got beer and I’m at departure gate all good in the hood
  2. Was at the game, but, and some will moan at me But helicopter Sunday was best title day I was at Cos we knew we were winning that day - anti climactic was wrong word, Cos it was amazing but helicopter Sunday tops everything imo slaughterhouse at duke street bellgrove great scrap tho lol
  3. Cologne airport after witnessing a spectacular away result in Europe
  4. He’s picking arguments with cunts cos Ryan Jack is out he’s one of the twisted cunts on here
  5. I know you love him but love blinkers folks opinions
  6. Both of them are far superior to Ryan Jack - I’m sorry, but it’s true
  7. We made it inside Hiding place for a few hours needed lol 🥳
  8. For what it’s worth I think we’ll win comfortable 2-0 maybe even 3
  9. Think that’s x3 comments ina row I’ve liked - spot on
  10. Doesn’t matter if it’s the truth it should be said sell Morelos and that gives us 1000 years worth of the worse fines possible if it means we can defend the club for once
  11. Mind Moscow at Ibrox couple years ago 8 players out including captain and star player - 0-0 one of the worst games ever lol
  12. Thing is, he didn’t even say it like that either last time we won the league, the fenians caused a ref strike half way through the season and got meetings given to them regarding it fenians are like BLM professional victims and bullies at the same time corrupt too
  13. And whit? What exactly are we gonna do when we say about “robustly contesting”? fuck all zero cretins should have said refs, SPFL, SFA are cheating cunts in the pockets of the tarriers and got the one big fine over with we won’t be found wanting ....
  14. How funny would it be if they said that, got made to play it, them players couldn’t play anyway Cos of the statement and we pumped them lol and there’s no dead Ex squad player Like Phil O’Donnell this time to force it
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