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  1. That's absolutely not my point. Well done.
  2. It's maybe just me but I kinda hate having this thread floating about constant like its a sevco thread on any of the other teams in the SPL's forums. If he does well start new threads each time after each game, but this just attracts negativity and like it's a focused thread on him, which we don't need, in this environment.
  3. Score line was more uncomfortable than I’d usually like but we were comfortable all game and many, many levels above that shite. a quality finish for them (I know McGregor should have done better) and a whole host of chances passed up by us made it look a hunner times closer than it actually was perfect game management bringing Itten on for Morelos who held it up well and gave us another wee dimension in final third Morelos really fucking lucky he never cost us - thank fuck the ref booked him so there’s no comeback on it. Idiotic. I love him but I think he under estimates what
  4. I'm not disagreeing but none of that is my point (apart from the last point which I just said myself in my last post) - all I'm saying is that given what went on at the PSG game, maybe Goldson misheard too? I don't know... I'm not downplaying it, I'm just playing devil's advocate. It deserves to be investigated but if there's no evidence there, do we all just jump on the woke card because it's a Rangers player? If it's proven to be something bad then throw the book at him. I do think it's a man's game and some of this stuff we're subjected to in modern football is OTT but if that's h
  5. Aye agreed. We were talking about this last week watching the Ross County game. He's a long way back. It was about 4-weeks ago he suffered a "setback" and now it looks like another one. Without sounding like a medical expert (because I'm not) but I'm assuming that once the swelling goes, he get's strength & mobility back he get's assessed and starts some light training like jogging then gradually into training with a programme to get built back up. Even if he's fully recovered and fit to play, which he isn't, he's a long way to get match fit after surgery, 3 months (as it st
  6. Good wee Forrest has suffered another setback on recovery from his injury and misses our game too he’s a match winner for them
  7. Dunno thought it was for mouthing refs do it all the time tbh the fact the refs heard something and acted would indicate that’s not as serious as made out I dunno tbh but if it was something bad there can’t be a cover up whether you think we live in too offended times or not doesn’t matter it can’t be one rule for us and another for everyone else
  8. Maybe I’m wrong but I thought I read him saying he was going on what his player told him
  9. Maybe he didn't say anything though tbh. Just because it's Rangers and an opposition team doesn't mean it's automatically a stitch-up or been wronged. I think Gardyne said he called him a fanny - could Goldson have heard it as "fairy" with the accent Gardyne's got? Gerrard himself is only going on what he was told was said, rather than hearing anything himself. Suppose only Gardyne will ever know but that nonsense midweek in the PSG game when that he thought he heard the 4th official call him a negro got me thinking about this too where all this stuff is so hot just now,
  10. Probably was March he left - I'm that used to transfer windows now I keep thinking he left in January half way through the season.
  11. Good thread. Mikel Arteta - felt sorry for him. When Ferguson left he was left in a midfield with utter dug shite and trying to carry us in games. In the end it looked like he downed tools but he never really. He was doing too many jobs and nothing was coming off for him. Was one of the classiest players I've ever seen at us. He had a good career when he left. Duncan Ferguson - another I felt sorry for. Loved the big man. He was actually just hitting the form we waited for before he left but the way the SFA and Scotland in general hung him out to dry was disgusting. His heart wasn't in
  12. Disgusted with myself that I now feel like a Romanian 4th official
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