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  1. Stange how this cunts lines not dropping. Can't maek out half of what hes saying.
  2. Good call IMO, points out we're still in Europe doing well get the panel to agree we have a shout at going through. Then tires to point out that we are probably going to have SG for two more years before worrying about a replacement. Should hopoefully get a bite where a manky comes on and cries about it and how we shouldn't be in europe because of 2012.
  3. Cut aff again. FFS. TBH he was talking too much sense for this show.
  4. Fuck me Laurent Blanc in for recommendation now.
  5. Oh thats all right, he was frustrated.
  6. Ooops "lost" Ian there. Aye so ye did.
  7. The angle i put up last night from Sky sports didn't show just how far he went to throw the arm. Got to be pulled in for this.
  8. Wonder who the best two keepers are??? :D :D :D
  9. Good point well, presented. And yet they still slate Hazard for his mistakes. i made a right cunt of that but then again i don't give a fuck whos in goal they're all shite.
  10. Unfortunately not. Livi hit the bar at the weekend so if that counts as "on target" then yes he didn't make any saves against them, in the 2 games. However he did make saves against Hibs. Oh, but he didn't make any saves against us or celtic at the start of the year.
  11. Can we offer to pay his wages for next season if he stays?
  12. Liewells plan must be to have Lemmon see the season out, blame him for the issues and move on. Lego helping the case tonight by simply being the wanker of a thing he is. Liewell will come out and say that it was Lemmon and lego that pushed for the trip to Dubai.
  13. Trying to find a way of docking teams points for any breaches and hand said points to a certain club that too the moral high ground and had the courage to speak out about it.
  14. Thats what i mean. I called it after thier game against us, that they would drop points in the next 3 games. Done, done and done. I also said that the league would be (arithmatically/mathmatically) done by the end of Feb.
  15. How many games do we need to lose to win the league at thier shithole now?
  16. Red card all day. Penalty all day. Even fucking looks at the Livi player then throws the arm. VID_20210120_222505.mp4 VID_20210120_222526.mp4
  17. If they'd started the game at a normal time, it'd be finished.
  18. Can't wait for what Lemmon has to make of it.
  20. sky bet has someone sent off for the scum
  21. Barkas is getting lobbed if someone has a go.
  22. Imagine his stats on Football Manager. Agilty - 1 Handling - 1 (increases to 19 when ball is in the net) Awareness - 1 Agression - 1 Command of Area - Doesn;t know where he left it. Communication. - What? One on Ones. - 1 Reflexes. - 15 (but about a 3 second delay)
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