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  1. Not thier fault they can't spell Pinocchio.
  2. Including wages in some of the figures? (Roofe)
  3. Thats fucking horrendous for them only making a profit in 2 years since 2014 and it wasn't much at that either. Just shows that in order for them to break even as it stands, is to sell £20m worth of players every year.
  4. Deendants lawyers argued that the prosecution didn't prove why there was support for the IRA by wearing the T-shirts. Yet the Judge that overturned it acknowledged it could provoke fury (clearly instigating a breach of the peace then). I'm no lawyer or judge but WTF!!!?
  5. Govan front was good last year when we beat man shitty, couldn't see big daves goal though i was too close to the city fans laughing. Gonna miss this one as i don't fly into gatwick until the 5th and need to sort my car before driving up. DAMN
  6. A certain player being booked! While he was being stretchered off the pitch after have the hammers knee smash out some of his teeth. Cheers Paul that was class! LOL We also got a penalty out of it.
  7. Already asked them! Its becuase they use a courier thats not allowed to deliver to the BFPO sorting office they can't so untill they use a different one like Royal mail or parcel line it unlikely to happen. Unless of course BFPO changes the regulations. Just get it delivered to the Ruislip postcode works for me!
  8. We shouldn't be buying in young players, thought that was what murray park was for. We should have never let novo go, bags of energy wether he be on for 20 mins or the full 90. As for buying players i'd be happy with someone who doesn't get injured so easily.
  9. Think sebo is still in france
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