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  1. I would rather WIN the league than win because they lost. However i want to go there knowing a draw is all we need. P.S. We better not be gifted it this weekend, as i've just had to go into quarantine/self- isolation.
  2. Please don't cut this lunatic off. :D :D :D
  3. I said the league would be wrapped up by the 6th Mar at the start of the year. But now i want them to lose the league at thier place, now that its been on offer for a while.
  4. Tell you something the cunts better win thier game. Got my UJ waistcoat on order but its no turning up till the 15th :(
  5. Good to know that they can win the league cup next year,taking that tally to an incredible 20 IAR. If you exclude: Rangers, Ross county, Aberdeen, St.Johnstone, St.Mirren, Kilmarnock, Hibs, Livingston, Oh fuck this. Standard talking shite.
  6. Fucking dildo. I'm a football fan, shite! If it's 1 or 55, you still can't get 10 in a row next season you stupid mhankie fuck.
  7. They'll want someone in the door as soon as the season ends. Won't get Clarke before the 23rd June.
  8. Only a clock after i made it a clock. Nothing against GD Steel but they advertise it as a clock yet it turns up as a lump of metal. Have to buy the mechanism from somewhere else.
  9. Fuck you, don't tell me what to do....Ok heres two
  10. For me Its the significance of this year title, how it ties in nicely to 55, being champions going into our 150th year, european performances, unbeaten season (touch wood), so many records set including best defence and the overall changes that he and his team have made in their tenure. Knowing full well that we have a few trophies to come (potentially a european one) before the scum pick themselves up.
  11. Ther're gonna have to make space for a new addition.
  12. Side note: Only Arsenal and Villareal have done better points wise (15 pts) in the Europa league than us this season. Only only Zagreb and Donetsk have got 14 pts with us. So i read that as Arsenal and Villareal are joint faourites to win it and Zagreb, Donetsk and us are joint 2nd favourites.
  13. £10 for 50 sticker. GET TO FUCK! If it was 55 stickers then i'm in. :D
  14. Good draw for us today. Good draw for us today in regards to coefficents. Kiev and Donetsk both tought draws and probably will go out. We have a good shout of winning at least one game and going through. Next year the scum will be losing 7 points and thats going to hurt the Scottish coefficent bad, unless they have a good run with us next season.
  15. All i know is that i hope to fuck i never go another period like we have in the last decade again. I feel sorry for those that have had to endure 2 or 3 periods. But fuck me its going to be some celebration come winning the league mathmatically and at the end of the season.
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