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  1. Wonder how much they will say attended this game. Fucking loads of empty seats in the rows you could see on the telly. Although, perhaps they do have some decent fans who bought a season ticket to prevent some other unlucky idiot from being subjected to the shocking performances. 2nd point: I watched the 1st half and they are fucking horrendous, slack passes all over. 3rd point: I can see potential for more legal claims to be made against them for repetitive strain injury- all that passing god sake they can't last a game without someone getting injured. Claims galore over there by Christmas. 4th point: Leverkusen -3 on Thursday.
  2. Pretty good if you mean consistent. That and they must have the highest number of passes during away matches than any other team in the world.
  3. Not going to quote bluekev but fuck me what a list. The bits that got me was "250 not identified" and "stored for 20 years" that is fucking horrendous.
  4. Probably end up getting a job with the SPL/SPFL after he gets out the jail.
  5. Fuck me, disco lights. Discos light for Raith. Lights on to stop people from being able to see up to the back of the stands where there will be no cunt.
  6. Looks like Roy Hodson a wee bit, until you see most of his face then it could be Alex Ferguson. Either way the gobshite wasn't expecting that jab though. Belter!
  7. The irony in me last night stating that my Footie Managers stats would be that im not technical but i was definetly never be the most hungover. took me a while to work out what i was on about in all.
  8. Not a the minute as they seem to both be playing the CDM role. Against better teams we should deploy the 2 CDMs (Davis and Kamara) and hit on the counter, weaker teams (every league game) we only need the one, unless we expect both full backs to be getting forward at the same time.
  9. Flag out.. Closest to the pin marker inserted
  10. Could we not then play Goldson and Helander up front?? Surely that would stop any and all attacks!
  11. Fucking no way i can give you a thumbs up for that comment but...Fuck off route 1 every time... PRICK FM stats: Techinical skills - 1. Not the most pished - 20
  12. Roofe scored from inside our half and the closest CB was about 20 yards away. Scotland conceeded a goal from 40 yards out and the CB was closer than that. If the shooter isn't within the "zone" of where the CB is expected to be then i don't see how he is at fault.
  13. Surely its simple basics, If our wingers are faster than the full backs then overload the middle of the park then play a dirty ball over the top into either corner for the wingers to chase and cross into the box? Fuck i was classed a a decent player for being able to out run any full back (and the one that came on to replace him) for 90 mins.
  14. Would have been raging if it had gone in. But then again fuck knows. Whats the score if you get a hole in one? as technically its not closest to the hole, its in it.
  15. Probably fucked if you say "on the tranny" now.
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