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  1. Everybody hates me now, so fuck it. Blood's on my face and my hands, and I don't know why, I'm not afraid to cry but that's none of your businessss...
  2. I remember reading years ago about Lamela (when he was like 12-13) that Barca were approaching his representatives for big money...
  3. One time, we had this old stoner art teacher named Mr Burns... This guy in the year above us (who the teacher had taught the year previously), came into our class and pretended to be a new student, and the teacher bought it... So he leaves the class for some reason and the student runs off, when the teacher returns he asks where the new student was and we all sat like "Who? "... It was one of those moments of sheer gold, he called everyone out individually and every single person in the class denied anyone was there. The poor guy must have been tripping.
  4. One time, me and 3 mates hid in a cupboard in home ec and jumped out at the head of the department... Got suspended only because when the depute head pulled us up, one of my mates gave him someone else's name. Another time (in home ec), my mate threw a knife out the window and I got blamed... that was fun. And another time, a guy threw paint pallets out the window, and one of the support staff came up to the art class covered in paint! :lol:
  5. A biology teacher got put on indefinite leave for having an affair with a foreigner and locking him in a cupboard or something, was in the paper... apparently she used to sit during class on MSN talking to guys... She was a big fatty anawl.
  6. In other news, was signing into my student account for the Glasgow Uni library, and in the name field, the drop down menu with the input history came up with my name and "Barry White"...
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