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  1. Hopefully. I would like to think had he made a bigger contribution then he would have enjoyed it much more.
  2. Obviously just raging he didn't get the decision his way seconds before, he has just came out to send a message by crashing into the guy. I think he is definately going for the ball, but wanted to take as much of the guy as possible with it.
  3. Brilliant! He was everywhere today, literally flying up and down the pitch.
  4. Just had a discussion with my dad regarding Kris Boyd and his relationship with Smith, McCoist and co. and his fellow players. We both saw very little emotion in Boyd when congratulating others or vice versa, likewise when he was lifting the trophy. Obviously I would love him to stay at Ibrox, but I feel he really could be on his way out in the Summer. Doesn't look to get on well with Smith, and I feel this could be a reason behind a potential sale of Boyd. I hope I'm wrong though. My dad then came up with his own idea... that Boyd is a bit of a loner amongst the team. For some reason during c
  5. I'm just getting so frustrated watching this. Can't pass AT ALL, Boyd, Novo, Miller, Davis, Thomson, McCulloch have all been hopeless. I just don't understand what it is with cup games this year.
  6. Its pish eh? i actually hate it especially in the snow as you cant even see the thing!! I think this is something to do with the World Cup coming up. In fact, yeah, this has been pissing me off as well. We used to have the club ball for every game, now it's a plain black and white one =/
  7. On a side note, my Gers team was half decent. Signed Sacha Kjlestan, started off as a horrific signing, slowly got better. Then in the Summer, I signed Michaelangelo Albertazzi from AC, Diego Placente on a free, Lee Martin from Ipswich and Luuk de Jong from some Dutch team. Braw.
  8. To be honest, the demo was just too slow for me. I don't really see the point in flicking the stick in a certain direction so i can step under police tape or little things like that. Some folk say it's amazing, others don't. Decisions, decisions.
  9. Hearts should have hammered Hibs, with the amount of chances they had. Santana, Glen, Driver all should have scored. Decent game I thought.
  10. Got a £20 GAME card to spend and some birthday money, so this might be getting bought. Still undecided over what I'm getting. I've heard mixed reviews for this, and for another game I was hoping for- Heavy Rain. Is this just another hack 'n' slash game?
  11. Just went on FIFA 10 for the PS3 and had to install an update, can't remember what version it was though. Anyone have any ideas as to what it has actually done? Hopefully it's something for Manager Mode, which is ridiculously glitched. Played a whole season with Rangers, fitness coach at 5. Hardly ever got anyone tired. Now I'm in the second season, 2 games played, fitness coach at 10, and everyone is shattered. Just one of many problems I've had. So yeah, what exactly is this update?
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