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  1. What I can never get my head around is how a man like Gerrard does not understand the importance of a driving willing midfielder with gusto.
  2. Behave it sounded fine atmosphere wise. The Germans were complimentary towards it even but aye get a cheap dig in. Disappointed tonight overall with the urgency and the original eleven we got beat by a better team. As others have said they looked comfortable and we look disorganised.
  3. Well the thing BT sport supposedly do must be affecting your view as both of us abroad are hearing the atmosphere. One game played in the proper stages so calm down. I see them as the strongest team so as others said hope they punish the others and we get second.
  4. He was scurrying around like he was a teenager in the closing stages in the OF but he needs game management. He does not need to play every game. Oh fuck that's bad. ( Goal went in while I typed ) Just have a go now and make some substitutes while we are at it. 👍
  5. People on here were talking about the more positive and forward drives Kamara makes when playing international games. Maybe with Davis and Lundstram he could be allowed of the leash a bit.
  6. Wright for Kent if Kent doesn't kick in to gear and at half time not 70 minutes.
  7. That was some hit to be fair. Disappointing but he's not doing that every week. Only thing about it from our point of view was how easily we gave up possession that led to it. Need to settle and get an equaliser before HT.
  8. Only on the nation you are viewing from rights holder. BT sport three I believe.👍
  9. I am betting Lewandowski to score at the weekend. That will no doubt end his run.
  10. Not been impressed with him in the slightest. Her uncle supports Bayern and he slates him for them and Germany,
  11. Just odd watching Barca with no Messi. Hopefully a good game nonetheless.
  12. Great goal there by Liverpool. Hoping Leeds equalize pronto to make this a better game though.
  13. Results are all that matter and we deserved the three points overall. Oh and what a noise our support generated 👍
  14. I nearly read that as go again....... Yeah but I want and hope we have the mindset of one game at a time and fuck all matters. It's only down to us ethos.
  15. Know what you are on about. At his age etc it's not ideal to play three times a week or whatever with Thursday/ Sunday approaching with the Europa League and Gerrard will play him in the Europa League without a doubt. We don't need the two defensive midfielders against most teams in the league but Gerrard urges on the side of caution more often than not. Again it's sometimes a complete lottery who starts. Three points and a good performance hopefully 👍
  16. I am not supporting it just saying that's how they might try to manage it if it has to be an in person presentation of proof of a double vaccine. God knows what will happen. It's the Hibs game that will be the first affected by this.
  17. At a Hoffenheim friendly I had to prove I had been double vaccinated by showing either on my phone or a print out. Took time but was workable. There was less than 5,000at the game. It's going to be a whole different situation for ten times that amount at Ibrox. Guessing the way they will work this is time staging.
  18. Need one more goal in the Germany game. They rack up five and seemingly want to fuck my over 5.5 bet. Dick's. Watching in a pub here obviously and the locals think they are not trying as much as the last 10 before and after halftime.
  19. Couple of pages back. More than one tweet. 👍
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