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  1. Hope Groves knocks him out but can't see it. Reckon Froch gets to him in rounds 10-12.
  2. Hopefully Groves wins. Froch is a cunt.
  3. Could see it going either way in the rematch, but going by the scorecards in the first fight Groves probably needs to knock him out to win.
  4. I'll be there. Think he'll lose, but he performs better when he's the underdog so who knows.
  5. Comes across as a decent enough guy away from boxing in my opinion. Liked him on I'm A Celebrity.
  6. He's a come forward pressure fighter. Ready made for Pacquiao.
  7. Not all that convinced Manny's peak has gone as much as people think. He beat Bradley despite what the judges said, and although he got KO'd by Marquez he looked as good as he had done in a long time. Manny still prevents the toughest challenge to Mayweather.
  8. Both Floyd and Manny are as culpable as the other when it comes to this fight not happening. Who to blame more is an irrelevant point in my opinion; both could have done more to make the fight happen and they didn't.
  9. Not disputing that, just saying that all out pressure has been used before on Floyd and he hasn't lost. Castillo pressured him and got to him, but I don't think he beat him.
  10. Floyd will never box in the UK - at least not during his Showtime contract.
  11. Wasn't cowardly, that's just how Alvarez fights. Cotto applied constant pressure, as did Hatton, as did Gatti. They all lost.
  12. 114-114?!?! LOL, that is one horrendous score.
  13. Really impressive performance from Garcia. Well deserved victory. He showed a decent chin as well; he's the first opponent that Matthysse hasn't dropped.
  14. I don't think he lost, but if someone says to me they thought Trout won then I wouldn't say that it's an out of the world opinion.
  15. He's fought one decent fighter in Trout and he arguably lost that fight.
  16. I've always felt that the way to beat Floyd is to out-work him. Obviously easier said than done as you'd have to work for pretty much 3 minutes of every round, but you won't out-box him and likely won't land enough clean punches to sway the judges.
  17. I can see the fight being pretty close for the first 6 rounds but there-after Floyd pot-shotting his way to a decision. Alvarez lacks the stamina or punch out-put to win in my opinion. He has a punchers chance and his hands are pretty quick, but he's not bringing anything Floyd hasn't seen or dealt with before. Guess it will depend on whether or not Floyd has finally aged in the ring.
  18. Apparently Burns was "50/50" about turning his back when he was trapped on the ropes due to the amount of pain he was in. Hopefully the WBO call for an immediate rematch. Beltran wants it in the US but will be hard to get this fight away from Glasgow.
  19. I think he will fight again. Too much money for him to make not to IMO.
  20. Ironically, it's likely that Burns will be stripped of his title if he's out for as long as suspected. If that's the case then Beltran should get the opportunity to fight for the vacant belt. If Burns isn't stripped, then he'll have to fight Terence Crawford next.
  21. Maybe, but I think that could unsettle him further and mean more disjointed performances. But you could be right, he's fought pressure fighters before, who at the very least are on the same level as Beltran, and he's dealt with them handily. No idea why he seems to have regressed.
  22. I like Burns but he lost that fight. Honestly think he needs better sparring, from what I've read the sparring he gets isn't great; certainly not on a par with the guys he is fighting.
  23. Burns-Beltran isn't a bad fight to be honest.
  24. Calzaghe wins a wide decision. And Ricky is right, before Hopkins lost to Dawson last year most people did consider him to be one of the top 10 fighters in the world.
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