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  1. was because they had 10 men mate, made all there subs and messi went off injured.
  2. Dawn approach or tornado today lads? Thinking of sticking good bit on dawn approach
  3. mrwin usually post plenty of winners 8 seconds before race time so just sit with a phone and a computer and refresh fuck out the page.
  4. fuck right off! Forgot sheff utd were already in play off,bet looks fucked now before a balll is kicked! Done 50 quid double on barca sheff utd
  5. The old "punter from asia" trick heard it all before man
  6. Just started series 3 first episode is freaky cunts crawling along the desert for no apparent reason!
  7. Cmon taylor! Shut these fucking mickey bastards up
  8. won easy as well,sleazy turkish cunts beat off 2nd bottom of league to fuck me! Also took a pounding in todays racing,shite day!
  9. you should just say that then hitting us with the term "greened out" fuck does that even mean? Well done anyway bb
  10. Gary anderson done me for 237 he really is pathetic on doubles looks absolute terrified when he has to hit one
  11. surely there hasn't been over 9.5 corners in the first 3 minutes:lol:
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