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  1. I get goosebumps just thinking of us winning we will do this
  2. 2-1 win at Ibrox in October 2009 Miller double and Mcgeady for them
  3. I'm getting the train as well but its on the way home im more worried about
  4. Got mine going by myself but anxious will be going on the train from carluke
  5. These mhutants need help just goes to show any trouble at this game will be due to them, brave man to referee this game if we somehow win
  6. Another big game for these players, hopefully we don't get fed withe the usual pre match shite all weekend from the players just get on with it and beat these over rated overdue a beating cunts
  7. Wonder if any of them fancy playing a game of football at Hampden the following week
  8. Goosebumps thinking about this, hopefully we don't go down with a whimper
  9. only time been in the car was for the final against Falkirk in 2009 just parked in the asda next to it doubt be able to get away with that for this game tho
  10. other option was the train but unsure about that as well
  11. What's it like for parking thinking of taking the car or is that a stupid idea
  12. I feel dirty for the stick I gave Ally he will be hurting As for Mcdowall as caretaker I fear for next Saturday
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