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  1. Someone on twitter saying Sports Direct logo taken off the club website.
  2. You can download fmrte for a few quid that let' you edit just about everything. It' useful to remove some of the annoying bits of the game
  3. Managed to make a bit of cash selling 2 players. Alex Munoz - Bought for £475k and was a back up CB, sold for £13.5M Percy Tau - Bought for £800k and was my first choice right inside forward, sold for £11.5m Need to try and reinvest better, still 8 points off celtic.
  4. I just signed Jack Hendry from them for £650k :( Hated it but he's decent in the game and i need more Scottish players.
  5. What tactics are you guys using? Trying to do something with a 4-2-3-1 but keep either getting picked off on the break or dominated by teams with stronger midfield players. Got a few cracking IF's so would quite like to stick with them. Tried using a DM instead of an AP but then i struggle to break teams down!
  6. Did he genuinely book Mcginn twice and not send him off?
  7. We really need to go to a back 3 imo. Elton and Tav are a massive asset going forward. Also means we can have a 3 man midfield which would stop us being bullied off the park.
  8. Stuck with him up to now, but after tonight and the weekend, he has to go. Pedro OOT
  9. We might all be up in arms but I guarantee we will all forget about this in a few days. Point is that fuck all will change unless we force a change.
  10. I think the decision has already been taken. Pedro not celebrating the goal.
  11. No way we are going to go on and win this. Fucking sick of this, was in a good mood before watching this shite!
  12. The game looks tailor-made for someone like Herrera. Need another striker on
  13. The usual in Scotland. Wait til every cunt calms doon a bit/forgets what happened. Exectly the same as Hibs after the cup final.
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