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  1. http://www.accuweather.com/en/gb/berwick-upon-tweed/td15-1/daily-weather-forecast/325049?day=2 Saying small snow showers in places but nothing major. The game should be on
  2. Templeton is a good player, i just hope comparisons are'nt starting between him and Cooper already tho FFS
  3. I backed a horse at Lucksin Downs called "Bluenose" a few weeks ago..... It came last
  4. HIBS Worst mob in the fucking league.... They won't be in the SPL much longer either, they'll be relegated this season. What they deserve the shower of stinking junkey bastards
  5. Thats what i like to hear... Lets get tore into this shower of shite. WATP
  6. I've been working in Hong Kong for the past month so i'm not totally clued up on whats been happening in terms of boycott etc. I've got a ticket for Sunday but thought i'd post and see if there is alot of fans boycotting the game? Cheers
  7. Jones is an animal!!! He will fuck rashad up.
  8. I know it's not EPL or new as such but just think its a belter of a top I wear it playing 5's.... Think i'm zidane
  9. Shocking tackle from ballotelli IMO. Kompany is solid, great centre half.
  10. Ive got £50 on van persie for the first goal @ 9/2
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