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  1. Can we call them cows? We call the men all sorts.
  2. Pickford with his t-rex arms at least goes for balls that comes near his goals.
  3. I only stayed till the end because i had a cargo on the bus mate and never had to q up at the usave.
  4. Cunt on ssn slagging Townsend for doing the Ronaldo celebration wrong. As if he gives a fuck.
  5. Cameron Norrie a Rangers man and no a snp voter but no mention.... Fuck andy murray.
  6. 7-0 Cambuslang yesterday, the other team had a penalty saved tae.
  7. I design the plimsolls you buy out primark mate. Done some sketches while i was waiting.
  8. Seen him on the punch bag?
  9. Hamilton Accies v Partick Thistle on the box tomorrow @G.E.C.
  10. Cost them £8m to sack Bruce according to Keith Downie.
  11. Take it Murray never won then.
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