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  1. Sorry about that mate .Someone probably pinched it as they were both quality . Check out Walters new Dvd out few months back .Its up there with the Gold ones .Infact id say its maybe the best ever. Hasnt got my favourite goals from Dj and Cutty Young in The first Premier league old firm game though.Both brought the house down . Gold 1 has these two i think.happy days
  2. Ive got few good ones you may like mate. Pick from Seasons to be cheerful 9 championship winning seasons...... Moments to remember... Nine [one to go ].... RANGERS... DOUBLE DUTCH TWO IN A ROW Got the whole 1992 scsf when we won with 10men . These ones are all very good Sadly i gave the Golds away recently Pick one and ill give it to you before the Stirling game v Stirling
  3. Yep i was gutted as the guy has not long joined .He is maybe a bear but i thought we all had to go through the initiation period when we joined here.I got dogs when i first joined but i never ran off to admin to report someone
  4. It happened mate and believe me a few good bears on here Pmd me to say they are completely sick of what happening on here with the amount of XXXX being allowed on and not a jot is happening.Infact one already with legend status joined another site he is that sick
  5. Be careful fellow bears .I got banned for few days for using the word 'reekin' on here.Some new bubba shopped me of course. Just warning any fellow bear that wants to use this kind of colourful language.
  6. Can you read ??? or are you just so thick you cant understand. Charles is just saying he wants us to go up using the rules that are in place and any precedents set out before
  7. I dont think Frank is the worst out there but he comes across as thick as mince . Warmed to him a little more after he came to the legends game and took the abuse for no fee with a smile on his face. He is a wind up merchant that just likes to be liked IMO
  8. Looks like Ive got one too .Bit surprised as I never get the ones that are up north but I always get the Berwicks,Annan etc
  9. This site full of haters?? admin doesn't seem to think so
  10. Dunny .The rebel and Liam have had a fair bit of mileage out of the pictures from that match .Cant remember them ever printing pictures of the Scumdome and it's many empty spaces .At the time I think they had a 3 page spread devoted with around 3/4 pics of our crowd that day .So it seems rather sinister that they choose these pics when taking about Queens park game this season .
  11. If I were a Hearts fan today I would have been disgusted with Websters performance .For me the sole reason Saints got the initiative .He was pants but Wilson wasn't far behind
  12. One of many superb posts from yourself mate today .Well said .
  13. oops sorry bud .Another good positive post .
  14. Ed I can not disagree with you mate but I will never slag the guy off like others .He deserves at least my respect .Teflong in another thread called it as I see it .Theres just way too many beggars on here stirring and a few bears that probably never lived through the good times Ally gave us .Call it blind loyalty but I will pay my season ticket money just to see the club I love customer or supporter .I care but nothing will ever change for me .He gets my backing
  15. Superb positive post mate .Think there thin on the ground at the mo .
  16. Big bubba says 'another' horror show .With guys like this as supporters who the fuck needs enemies
  17. Count me out of shittin all over one of our legends
  18. Does anyone know when and why the bouncy bouncy started??
  19. Smile .The political climate has changed so very much since David Edgar was sticking up for us. Dont want to get into any debate but he stuck up for us in early days when DM still had a large support amongst the fans. To be honest most on here were in the Murray camp. If you read that article how cant you feel sympathy for him . Bearing in mind he is one of us. We all had and have different opinions of what went on 12months ago but surely we have to be a bit more selective about choosing our enemies or we will just start sounding like your average dim rodent. I repeat David may not tick the boxes for some but he is certainly not deserving of any vilification from fellow bears IMO
  20. Trust me mate, Im with you on that one. Anyone that stuck the boot in are definitely on my hate list . Edgar will never be one of them though
  21. D edgar was getting some heavy shit from the rodents. Think he stepped back from the high profile he had at that very bad time. Im certain that was a few years ago now well before we went into admin .
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