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  1. Road Gritter, but then again I didn't have great expectations. Just wanted a chilled life
  2. They're are still on for the Quintruple Treble Lawell resigned = Lennon resigned = ?????? resigned
  3. If he stayed, give him time. This boy is special.
  4. Let's put it to the next OF game, Tav scores, Goldson scores or clean sheet, or Shagger world class save/penatly save. Simples.
  5. The only player I've seen that could dismantle them on his own whilst we had an injury crisis, unbelievable player.
  6. Technically the most gifted at Ibrox, if he stayed the long haul he could score 20+ in a season as a winger. I think he misses the crowds and ambience that go's with it. Got a feeling next year he'll be dynamite in the CL, the big stage and all that.
  7. The one thing I've noticed about Stevie Gerrard and his staff, they see potential in players and give them a chance, ok it doesn't always work but it beats buying so called better players on higher wages who aren't that great.
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