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  1. RIP, So glad he got to see us win 55.
  2. The Gift that keeps on giving
  3. I don't think we have one player on form this Season, the squads in a slump. Somebody has to start taking the bull by the horns.
  4. Just got back from my own little Fundraiser today, (Cateran Yomp) 54 miles in under 24hrs for the Army Benevolent Fund, you'll be glad to know me and my daughter smashed it....PBs all round. What do I have to do again and where.
  5. Born there so glad at times I don't live there.
  6. Historic Tweets, what about Historic child abuse? Hugh remember when you used to go to the Piggery and was accosted for money in and around the ground for "The Cause" 40/50 years ago, me neither.
  7. Gazza playing the flute but not against them, think it was friendly. Ally scoring the only goal in the cup semi at theirs and we were down to 10 men, his celebration summed how much it meant.
  8. That's the best celebration of an O/F goal in a couple of decades imo
  9. We struggle to get half the players playing good at the same time, every week it's different players letting the side down.
  10. I think we have a serious challenge on, guys getting carried away with they've not played anyone. They're scoring for fun at nobody's and we struggle with a goal a game. They're not as bad as we think.
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