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  1. You may say that but I couldn't possibly comment
  2. The ultra rich do what they can to reduce the negative headlines against their investments and use means from pr firms to legal firms to dissuade the media from being critical of them. A billionaire from a state that shares a land border with the UK and holds a significant interest in a certain football club is well known to employ such means to prevent critical coverage of that club amongst his other business interests. The firms that are used are rather forceful in their methods shall we say. Unfortunately due to one libation too many this evening, I can't remember which club or which individual I am referring to, and heaven forbid I would name names in case I am wrong.....
  3. Our fans could do a variation on a Miles Davis or John Coltrane number and our haters would find reason to take offence. This shit we are seeing now is nothing but a distraction, it's the dead cat strategy and we should now why. Their beloved team are doing shite and are in the moral gutter over ongoing legal affairs. Call it out, indeed...
  4. Right folks, it's been fun and while it's been established from early on that the thread is a piss take, its ran it's course and turned into even more of a shitshow and its time for the inevitable outcome. Its kept this section going through the international break but now the real soccer is back it's time to get back to discussing the team etc. As always if you want to discuss the bigger covid picture, the current affairs section is the place to be. If any new developments arise that affect the club then start a new thread then. Thank you and good night...
  5. I just hope there's sufficient social distancing and everyone wears a mask
  6. And Michael fucking Mcintyre
  7. I think that's a harsh way to describe the way fans walked through the city that day. Had lockdown been more strictly applied from the outset all this could have over within a matter of months and we could have celebrated properly within the stadium.
  8. Seems sensible to me, no messing about. Let's face it, it's been a half arsed lockdown and this could all have been sorted by now if there had been proper consequences for covid breaches and refusing to get the vaccine.
  9. The two Ronnie's sketch where it's mastermind and giving the answer to the previous question. Utter genius The likes of those guys were the masters of the most important thing when telling a joke....... Timing.
  10. It's kept this section going through the international break
  11. I'm too young as well but have seen it lots of times over the years. Classic stuff!
  12. Yeah that's the galling thing that they cheated. They too had a lot of fantastic players, there was no need to cheat. Don't mind losing out when it's fair and square but when underhand shit happens it's a million times worse.
  13. Would have been a very tall order given all the great players Milan had at that time. McCoist would have missed it due to his leg break,let's not forget, that wouldn't have helped. One of the great what if questions, that's for sure. The way that season was I suppose anything could have happened in that final....
  14. As the old joke goes, he was playing all the right notes, just not necessarily in the correct order....
  15. Yep, may I present exhibit A - the rebirth of flat eartherism which has become prevalent in recent years via social media
  16. Anti vaxers deserve every bit of derision and scorn that comes their way. Absolute morons who history will not look kindly on
  17. 8 0 win over the sheep today to stay top of the league
  18. @Sparklewon't like the insinuation that women don't understand the offside rule
  19. Pierre is happy with this
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