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  1. Yeah I'm not in agreement with his idea that's for sure. Kent is a big game player and crucially doesnt hide in games. Dropping him would be a terrible idea.
  2. Last game against them we were physically and mentally jaded after the slavia game. I fully expect a much more energetic performance this time but as I've said all season, any win will do. However its vital we bring our A game to this. I would play the usual formation but bring in Hagi ahead of Aribo with Kamara Davis and Arfield in midfield. Also I would play McGregor in goal even if it is a cup game
  3. I've tried to wipe that memory but yes I do remember that. Exactly the piss poor coverage I expect from those jokers hence why they're getting hee haw from me
  4. Breaching covid guidelines as well by going down to Newcastle for a sesh. Wonder what the politicians will say about this...
  5. Fuck premier sports I'm not giving them my money. Their coverage is amateurish and their feeds go down frequently. Their rugby commentators are atrocious too and get names even more wrong than those geordie twats on YouTube. Vipleague loyal for me....
  6. Speaking of which I was coming down the steps from park circus the other night and i looked at the block your flat was in and it is leaning to one side! Thats how it looked anyway.....
  7. That tackle in Europe where he win the ball but obliterated his opponent was amazing
  8. Posts removed. Absolutely no call to refer to the DoE like that, especially at this time.
  9. Maybe we should shut down this site for a week in solidarity with the club. Thoughts?
  10. Was just about to post saying theres a lack of conviction with Bayern's attack when it come to the final ball and shots on goal. However.....
  11. No Lewandowski though, hes a huge loss
  12. I can see a pumping for Bayern here
  13. Someone has also left a jobby in his shoes back in the changing room
  14. What about tweaks to the rules of the game? I think if theres a handball in the D at the edge of the penalty box by the attacking team, then the defensive team should be allowed to do a drop kick out just like they do in rugby with 22 metre drop outs.
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