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  1. I was dying for Wednesday to score at the end just to see the granny shagger going mental again
  2. A couple of failed take-over bids or something
  3. Even when one of them tries to be eloquent like this cunt, they still scream bitterness and ignorance. Bet the cunt was medicated and being held down by his nurses.
  4. The house is in Bishopton mate. Her mother might also want a kitchen sink fitted.

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    2. geneva_ger


      Cheers Der, Karen called last night to let me know, so all good and thanks again mate.


    3. deco19761


      Job done mate . No Chinese. Water torture for.karen anymore. ? cheers for.the job mate will sort her mum out in couple of of weeks time 

    4. geneva_ger


      She showed me the taps. Well done mate appreciated.


  5. Gogzy, could you please delete my post on "cunts etc" in the OT threads. Sorry pal didn't look through previous and apparently there was a similar thread.

  6. Made another wee donation and will try to each month or so. Keep up the good work. Our RSC (Bishopton Loyal) and my Golf club (Erskine) do try to generate some donations on a regular basis, to the Erskine fund.

    A great cause!

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