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  1. Edit: better on the streets of our City
  2. So Has crept in too Back to the music thread Stevie, we're relatively safe in there
  3. Hope this is true as you will not find a more staunch family, I've known him since he was a kid. What a choice.
  4. He won't change the score so who cares really. Wee Tom does a fine job.
  5. No video found. I'd be very interested in seeing this as Gordon constantly calls them out yet none of them try to get him to court for slander or libel. Tells a story that!
  6. Possibly closed to clear out the invincibles
  7. "Consistency" Tumbleweed The bold ronnie tries to hook him again and he's not having it!
  8. How many DVD's can we release on the back of this?
  9. Not referring to any comments made by him or others. You do know of course that what I'm saying is "someone who will take the fuckers on".
  10. I would like to see someone of the calibre of The Magnificent Bastard on our board to take up the mantle of addressing the authorities.
  11. Stop by the burger van I've just set up at the old toll booth location. Business is brisk already.
  12. Surely the bookies will start to pay out now if it stays the same. League won in January.
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