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  1. There's nothing positive to say about the whole club at this time thankfully. They're on a rapid decline on all fronts. For fuck sake at least punt this wee drug addled child philanderer as a start but no! Doubling down and assisted by the MSM. Mutton was the only cunt in the interviews to even hint at the decline. Harrison and Chesney are abominations. Laugh? I nearly bought a round.
  2. I watched their managers interview there and by fuck he hasn't a clue what to do. Waffling like fuck and never answered a question with anything tangible. 56 will be a doddle. Let's get sorted for Europe.
  3. Cheers mate but for some reason twitter doesn't load. Maybe the country I'm in? Draw me a picture please
  4. I'm the same, I hate when they cunts score first. There have been many times though when I've done that only to find they've been pumped in the 90. Fingers crossed gif required Just checked Hesg*al and it's a fucking 20:45 ko wtf I'll be slevering by then. I've been on it since 4pm
  5. Comes off the bench to reduce the margin to -3 before snapping his cruciate
  6. Have you got a lisp or is that a typo?
  7. My best round was 27 putts
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