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  1. This is why it's called unnerving Would you say the same old story? This is why the wheels are turning I make no apology
  2. And who is this? It's a queer mandate but DK does not do this without knowing how it will turn out. I trust the man!
  3. St Mirren are ready to rename their stadium in a deal to back Paisley's bid to become UK City of Culture in 2021. If the proposed two-year sponsorship arrangement is approved by councillors on Wednesday, St Mirren Park will become the Paisley 2021 Stadium. The Championship club say the deal will be worth £30,000 a year. The Buddies have been at the current St Mirren Park site since 2009, having moved from their former Love Street location. "St Mirren FC is proud of its roots in Paisley's history, dating back to the founding of the club in the town in 1877," said chief execu
  4. Important. I'm encouraged that @LookingForEric has commented.
  5. A group of current bigwigs would be likely. DK will decide I'm sure.
  6. Dave King agrees deal to sell Rangers shares to fans group Club 1872. Former Rangers chairman Dave King has agreed to sell all his shares in the club to fans group Club 1872. The sale, when complete, will make Club 1872 the largest single shareholder in Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) Plc. Ok so why not sell on the market? He doesn't want charlatans to once again have any control in our club, good move. I would imagine that our genuine big shareholders holders will join C1872 and snap them up and have a representative who will be invited on to the board. Too simple?
  7. Imagine if it was total normal fan ownership (like you, me or the guys on here) and it was poorly managed, where would the extra investment come from? I would expect we still need some very rich Rangers guys to have 49% ownership tbh. For the C1872 buy-up to be succesfull I would imagine some big hitters will take on some of the uptake but they will want share votes and not leave it in the hands of 1872.
  8. Laura sounds reasonable but it would be good to hear from D'Art as I believe he was close to 1872 previously was he not?
  9. 1st Rangers guy to come on and they try to fuck him over
  10. I prefer the adverts, fucking brill
  11. 8 years, cheating' scandal. Fuckin drop it ya hoor
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