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  1. It's not only about a certain football club, if it was then they may have tried to do as Blueshoff suggested. Watch and see.
  2. Wife just got her picture taken with Arthur Numan. All loved up now.
  3. Showed this thread to my unborn wean sperm and she's greeting. Admin, please sort this guy out.
  4. Brian88 has too many folk to choose from. He has no chance of positively identifying either.
  5. I believe the folk have no particular design on any football club dodgy institutions, rather it will be all about justice for the victims. The popular enablers however, may come out with a sore face. may = will
  6. You and @jintybear are both wrong on the old regime thing, you'll see. There are powerful people on the case.
  7. Must have been some bad press in the MSM that's upset them this week. Wee souls.
  8. No way the legal system will prioritise a report from a piece of shit over the law of the land. They're doomed I tell you.
  9. I know, yet some folk support it. Fucking madness, and if folk can't see through it now then god fucking help us.
  10. This thread and the covid thread have just about run their course. This one allowed us to out the tartan trannies that would be as well supporting the scum. The other thread allowed the 3 musketeers covideers to insult folk, so now many of us know who to put on the humour-them-but-largely-ignore-them thread.
  11. The commentary I've got is obviously motherwell tv and the commentator is clearly a fan of Rangers, not a bad word to say about us so far.
  12. I thought we had a few good chances and they scored a worldy and a deflection. I agree that they were well drilled but against a Rangers team who were clearly off their game. If we upped our performance by 20% it would have been a different result. I'm only fucked off by our performance tbh
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