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  1. Best part is that he clearly wears old training gear from that lot in his normal life - just like every single other one of those pish stained jakeys.
  2. Taking it to new levels of utter stupidity Phil O'Donnel? So grief stricken was sellik they got a game they were bound to lose due to injury and suspension v us cancelled then they paraded new signing Andreas Hinkel on the day of the guys funeral Classy as ever Oh and Brian....the SFA took the decision..not Rangers Fuckwit
  3. When you release rambling statements blaming everyone but yourseveles your the man fur the joab He was brought up wallowing in victimhood the camel nosed fuck
  4. They appointed Billy McBungle in a Clydebank carpark the classless bastards And after slithering behind Steins back for the Job he done the exact same to Davie Hay. More of a Brutus than than a caesar Et tu billy...
  5. John... eddie who's blown us oot but we didnae really want him anywiy so I have a proposal Asda car park Hawf a Noor Pete x Make sure your not followed
  6. Hes wearing his wee sisters headphones while shouting at his mums vibrator Wtf is wrong with these people?
  7. A smear? It's a fact He knew Unbelievable they are still trying to defend that fat repulsive bastard Stein
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