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  1. https://kerrydalestreet.co.uk/leigh-griffiths-ffs-t135506-s6260.html Absolutely glorious The in-fighting thumb is causing has ended their season before it's even started
  2. The team are a total embarassment The football is utter shite The manager is a fuckin alky The fans are aw see you jimmy skirt wearing freaks What's to like?
  3. And exactly how many "safe" countries did they pass through while trying to save their lives to get to the land of free things?
  4. https://twitter.com/RangersFC/status/1413536383000580099?s=20
  5. Inappropriate behaviour towards minors is hardly uncommon at the Klunk Klick Crucible. #shutthemdown
  6. Only "horrible people" ask 15 year old girls for skud pics Stoat the baw Griffiths
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