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  1. Slap a nerve? Immature little boy with the pish patter Away and wank into an omelette ya roaster
  2. Says the biggest shit poster ever Anyway.....I wont lower myself to be arguing with dicks on the internet Good day
  3. So by your warped logic Wishing one of our ex players a happy birthday makes you a tim? Big staunchy
  4. Yeah mate.....was still at school Must have been around 82/83 maybe
  5. Obviously your 15 and still a spotty wee virgin and dont have a clue about the Orange
  6. Selling Gascoigne cost us 10 The fact that half the team were over the hill and never replaced cost us 10 Absolute whalloper
  7. Think I've replied to posts a few times This is a forum... Posting "stuff" is what you do
  8. 8 years ....8000 plus posts Can see where this is goin Fuggetaboutit
  9. Been a long time user of RM ..how do you access this....do you need vouched for or what?
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