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  1. No other club re-employed a known child abuser. (P#1) No other club gave employment to a CONVICTED child abuser (P#3) No other clubs manager attempted to bring back a known child abuser (P#2) No other club allowed two now convicted child abusers to resign without informing the authorities
  2. I said it on FF and ill say it here...other clubs had issues with these bastards...including our own. No other club had six convicted paedophiles with 55 convictions between them for CSA offences involving multiple victims in the UK,Europe & USA hidden behind a wall of silence from celtic Football Club. A club like no other.... Sickening
  3. To appeal is to beg Begging is for shettlestons
  4. Only the title because i thought it was funny.....the rest is my own work
  5. He really is a fanny and spends his time trolling Rangers sites looking to be offended by any words or songs.There is no need to delve into where all this hatred from this muppet is coming from.He is clearly thick as mince and having his strings pulled by that horrible boot Janette Findlay and NbM( or was it just pure coincidence that they all tweeted their disgust at the same time?) Dont blame it on the sunshine Dont blame it on the moonlight Dont blame it on the good times Blame it on the Rangers. If we sing every breath you take the failed trialist would probably accuse us of taking the piss out of his and others unhealthy and unnatural obsession with our club. Just waiting for the next turd to fall from his mooth "The Beachboys could have done more to prevent this"
  6. Once the truth of what went on there comes tumbling out these sponsors will be having serious doubts about doing any business with them. Who would do business with paedophiles? Oh wait........
  7. When it comes to the punishment of this vile club lets hope the SFA still hold that same view.
  8. WTF is wrong with these cunts They are not fuckin normal
  9. Potofglue wins his first away game.. Fartson demands s statement celtic hero John Hartson expects his former club to release a statement backing manager Ange Postecoglou. The Hoops boss picked up his first away win of the Scottish Premiership season on Sunday as celtic took all three points away at Aberdeen
  10. The whole thing was a sham and left a lot of unanswered questions
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