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  1. There’s no way that red is getting rescinded. It’s embarrassing how many pundits don’t know the rules of the game. “He touched the ball” - so fucking what! He touched the ball with his inner thigh after going over the ball, at speed, off his feet. The days when you could boot someone into the stand as long as you touched the ball are long gone. Just lucky Aribo got out the way.
  2. They are squirming. I bet most of the journos caught up in this are full on “yes” types. We know about Godly’s relationship with the SNP. Now unlike Michael I wouldn’t go in the direction of saying all SNP supporters are hate filled wankers but lots of them are. Many of them hate everything British. Rangers are caught up in that. Turns out some of them, not unexpectedly given we all live in the same society, harbour some unpleasant racist views. Uncomfortable if you spend the whole time virtue signalling and preaching about civic nationalism. Need to keep the attention on big bad Rangers eh Michael. I wish everyone would ignore him and leave him to his echo chamber. Craves attention.
  3. He’s a tedious sanctimonious prick. Clearly thinks he’s an intellectual heavyweight when he’s just a former footballer who had a very average career. I reckon he’s working his way onto the SNP list. No need for any semblance of balance when that is your audience. Suspect he’s terribly thin skinned so would be nice to see some heat come his way.
  4. Aye, but her stuff had been dredged up and stuck in an article well before the DR article on H&H. Was linked in that Joe Black’s Twitter a week or so ago. its probably got a bit more oxygen as a result of the DR hitjob on H&H though.
  5. The H&H story has caught everyone’s attention. If you mean why has this girl losing her job caught my attention, probably because I’m a lawyer as well in a similar firm (don’t know her, I’m a lot older).
  6. They absolutely don’t deserve to have their personal lives affected over years old tweets. I’ve been very clear on that. The whole thing is an agenda driven witch hunt. However, consistent with that, I don’t rejoice in someone else getting trouble in similar circumstances. I fear this is going to run and more on our side will get the same treatment. We can’t have hypocrisy though so if the H&H guys are experiencing this then those on the other side should expect the same and I understand why most are happy about this burd getting binned. I just think this targeting of bloggers, tweeters etc is a race to the bottom. They are meant to hate us and we are meant to hate them. I preferred it when that was understood and accepted. It’s the likes of Dornan, Stewart etc who are the real problem.
  7. The ones that are using their jobs to fuck us are fair game. The DR, the SNP WhatsApp gang, the failed trialist - I’ll be delighted if they get fucked over. Also, if Rangers fan media is fair game then I agree theirs has to be as well - anything else would be hypocrisy. I think some of us are just lamenting thats its got to this and are concerned where it ends. Who gets targeted next etc. I’m amazed her firm let her play an active role on a site like that. I’ve worked in similar places all my career and the partners would have been all over that. We also routinely screen social media accounts of applicants. She’s been very naive.
  8. I don’t know anything about that girl beyond what’s on here, which is that she’s a lawyer and involved in a celtic fan media site. Someone has trawled her old tweets, publicised them and she’s lost her job. Meantime, the DR have targeted a Rangers fan media site, trawled their tweets, publicised them and now the H&H guys are having a horrible time. As far as I’m aware these arn’t connected in the sense that she wasn’t involved in the DR stuff. If she was then she’s fair game like the DR journos - I’m all for exposing hypocrisy. But if not, then we’re revelling in someone involved in fan media getting fucked over for old tweets while being furious about two H&H fan media guys getting fucked over for old tweets. As I said earlier, happy for them to see that this campaign will take its toll on their people as well. On a personal level I can take no pleasure from anybody losing their career over tweets sent years ago when they were young.
  9. People saying the blonde girl deserves to lose her job, get struck off etc - how do you feel about the H&H guys having their personal lives affected? Some of the stuff they tweeted (not Edgar) was pretty ropy, especially the stuff about women etc. Don’t see how you can think she should get dragged over the coals and they should get a pass. Regardless of who’s doing it ancient tweets getting dragged up and used to fuck someone over just feels wrong to me. We all did stupid shit when younger - thank God I didn’t have social media back then. Too much self righteous bullshit. I appreciate the need for parity and the need to expose hypocrisy. The DR staff are fair game after what they pulled. Lets not start pretending we’re actually offended by this nonsense though - leave that to those pathetic wankers.
  10. I said a few pages back that the BurnessPaull management are ruthless and she’d be having a bad time. Not surprised at all she’s gone - inevitable. While it’s satisfying to see some parity I don’t feel good about a young person losing their job - and seriously changing the course of her career (none of the other similar firms will touch her) over hurty words on the internet, that none of us actually think are hurty and we’re just highlighting in the interests of fairness and to call out hypocrisy. Hopefully this makes a few of the hypocrites realise this nonsense comes at a cost for “their” people too. How did it ever get to this (oh yeh, we didn’t die then won the league).
  11. This is very satisfying. Get it right up them.
  12. BurnessPaull is a very large firm with offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. It’s not full of that lot - will be a mix like anywhere else. What I would say is that the management are ruthless - always have been. If the firm is getting tagged all over sectarian stuff on Twitter she’s not going to be having a nice time.
  13. Interesting to see how the club play this. They’ve come up with nothing on Edgar - that tweet they have highlighted is desperate. Some of the other stuff is bad but it predates the club’s current campaign.
  14. I agree that our fan behaviour is judged to a different standard than theirs. There’s also a concerted campaign to paint pretty much everything that our fans do or sing as sectarian. As soon as we won it was inevitable the hand wringing would start. That said, the videos of the march in town - assuming they arn’t dubbed - are just an open goal for politicians and journalists who want to put the boot in. Unnecessary in my view. Thought the display was brilliant though.
  15. Agreed - the arbitration is very narrow in scope. I was responding to the suggestion that all parties to the arbitration are bound by it - as regards Parks and any claims it may have, that’s just wrong.
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