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  1. Saw some film about a girl with a pig nose, it was pish. Watched Dredd and thought it was quality, never seen or read anything Dredd related before. Terrific film with great action.
  2. Perfect start to my day of work, it's sunny, had 2 spliffs, sex and Ribena ice cold cartons.
  3. Oh aye coz that's true and that's what would make somebody ugly. Smart fucking cookie you are.
  4. Dug out the VHS to watch 8 mile the other day, i had forgot how insane the last battle is, genius. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrYHoGMmR1s
  5. Any song of Encore is not a good representation of Eminem's finest work. Kill You and Under the Influence are really good. Back on topic.
  6. Don't really like NIN too much, different music taste but i do enjoy "Hurt" emo as it is, always enjoy that Johnny Cash covered that instead of it being the other way round, which i'm guessing you already knew. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5w3zl7aL58
  7. It's a tragic song and it's odd but it's the one song i know that cheers me up no matter what mood i'm in
  8. Knew that would come from somewhere There's a difference between enjoying a book and a book being a good book. I enjoy watching Geordie Shore yet Geordie Shore is not a good tv show.
  9. Who the surprise baddy bitch was and why it's important, who is this Bane fella? I haven't seen the films before TDK so i'm assuming it's all Batman back story?
  10. Someone called me El Carp, Flecky, SWSL and all this pish, i was really confused, someone pm'd me telling me all about this SWSL/Pastie chap, i pm'd Pastie and called him SWSL and he posted the PM saying i was a banned member and should be banned. He must be that SWSL guy over how defensive he was.
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