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  1. It certainly wouldn't oppress ethnic minorities or native peoples in the name of profit for multinational corporations.
  2. I support Rangers, not the fans who sing those songs.
  3. Completely ignoring the context in which those statements were made.
  4. In the context of the songs being sung by opposition supporters, such is often the case with football and sports fans in general.
  5. Why would I want a debate with people who agreed with me? That wouldn't be very interesting at all.
  6. I am voicing my opinion, you just don't like it.
  7. Why did you join an internet forum if all you do is decry people their right to difference of opinion?
  8. I'd boo the first two. The third has no relevance to football whatsoever.
  9. I'll happily attack something which stands for imperialism and is responsible for such abject misery across the world.
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