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  1. Its the drudgery of Scottish football. Number of our players look to impress on the European stage to further careers. This will help bring some energy back in the league to get this season in the bank.😊
  2. This every fuckin day 😁😁😁
  3. Happy New Year to all our fellow Bears and Bearettes from New Zealand😀 It is the morning after here and the heads splitting. just about to have a straightener, settle on the couch and see if I can find a wee replay to watch😄😄 best wishes to all
  4. The phrase “Rangers Legend” gets chucked about too often these days. This man was truly one of the very best....absolutely bled blue. Brought so many happy memories. Sadly missed
  5. Of me seeing in the new year. Got three hours to go and been up since last nights game.Bbq and beers all day and off to bed now,so it’s a very happy new year to all the good bears here in NZ and all all our Rangers family back home and around the world. Many thanks for keeping us up to date with all the goss and in’s an outs for the year. Thread of the year for me is the Rangers related picture thread. Some wonderful memories The one constant that never changes is our support...Absolutely the best in the world!! ! Happy New year ladies and gents WATP
  6. I see two issues in your post. I understand your rage at the what went on with those cunts and I don't understand how the fuck it was allowed to happen in this day and age. It needs to be addressed. But don't turn that into an " done with Rangers" thing. There has been many Bears fought hard and long to get us back where we belong. I live at the arse end of the world, and for one reason or another I might never get the chance to see the Famous Glasgow Rangers in the flesh. My bucket list is simple... A drink in a Bear friendly pub, an away trip on a supporters bus, an Ibrox bouncy, a walk round the Blue Room. You take for granted what I would die for. Last match my Dad ever attended was Cooper's testimonial and how awesome would that be? I would be delighted watching us play against some wee shit team in a Shithole. Where will the next generation of fans come from? From us. My 8 year daughter is already a bluenose through and through. Her favourite item of clothing is her Rangers dressing gown of all things ( special thanks to Donnymac's Mrs for bringing it along to footie training for her!) why, because she wears the crest! She sings all the songs and we don't give a fuck who doesn't like them. Never forget, WATP! Stay strong and stay with us, your club and your people need you more than ever before. And for any of the hand wringers here, I was born and raised a proddie, I don't go to Church, I don't have to explain that to anyone. I see other bluenoses and know that they are just like me. My people. So fuck right off with the whole religion and football don,t mix. For me it is a way of life. Mon the Gers!!
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