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  1. When did you come out of the coma?
  2. The scum have shown a lot of sTAIGe fright this season. Headline you would never see.
  3. Hesgoal obviously part of the conspiracy. Do keep up mate.
  4. Like any other employer the scum have a duty of care towards him, but history has shown that duty of care is not a strong point at Torbett Towers.
  5. They left out his head viciously attacking Alan Shearer's boot.
  6. Wouldn't it be great if his sacking was announced on page 1690. I'm typing this whilst on page 1669, so that could actually be in half an hour or so.
  7. Same here, and I wrote the fucker.
  8. I thought he was talking out of his arse.
  9. I'm sure he'll remember to send you a Christmas card next year.
  10. Humility, integrity, respect. If you asked any football fan what club believes they display these traits, that showed of white would be throats one you would mention. What a deluded count he is.
  11. Maybe we should let them do what they want every season.
  12. Just read the bbc match report. They gave man of the match to that keeper. It's not 1st April already is it?
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