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  1. The irony of the United players complaining that the ref was playing too much added time.
  2. Ok, you got me. Just trying to rival Bojo with his classical references ( though I do bullshit a lot less than he does)
  3. Quite possibly a typo on my part. I have had a few beers tonight.
  4. Seeing her being interviewed tonight, I would say don't let her near your bunnies.
  5. We as a club are were we are because of the fans. It would be great if some rich as croesus fucker bought us, just to get one over on them, but that would kill football in Scotland.
  6. Will the victims legal representatives be able to ask for sight of the findings of the in-house inquiry carried out (is it now 4 years and counting). I get the feeling that someone is rather hurriedly writing a report.
  7. Listening to him on talk sport the other day and he mentioned that he went to see SLF in a club in dundee. He went up even further in my estimation.
  8. To get away with things other players would be hammered for. This thread needs moved.
  9. I prefer him to McGinley, who when he commentates, slags off golfers who are much better than he ever was. I don't recall Harrington ever being contentious or out of order.
  10. It would be less smelly than usual.
  11. I don't know anyone with a listed building on their head. Is this a Paisley thing?
  12. I have never met them, but I know they are the worst cunts
  13. Surely if they see the island of Ireland as one country, I, as a Northern Irishman am in their eyes Irish. So any derogatory remarks they make about H***, the Orange Order etc. is anti irish racism.
  14. Why do you assume people detest the snp just because they support Rangers. Are they not capable of forming the opinion that an Independent Scotland moulded on the principles of the snp would be an unmitigated disaster, without thinking what would my fellow fans think? You on the other hand are capable of rising above "tribal" politics separating yourself from the "brain dead flock". What an arrogant person you are.
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