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  1. I don't disagree with you at all. However, athletes are there representing the best in their country, it shouldn't be about world rankings. That is why, to get back to my point, that I think tennis is one of the sports that should not be at the Olympics.
  2. He has been replaced in the draw by an Auustralian. I can understand that this will happen in a grand slam event, but surely as he was there as part of the British team he should be replaced by someone British. This is why I think things like tennis, football and golf have no place at the Olympics.
  3. Realised as soon as I sent it that someone would pick that up.😄
  4. The cunt was in the royal box for the womens final at Wimbledon on Saturday as well.
  5. England have only themselves to blame. They went totally defensive after scoring, and stuttering is penalty run up shows a lack of confidence/ability.
  6. I wish I had thought of Hate Finder General as a name for the odious wretch. He actually makes the Witch Finder General in the film appear rational.
  7. I didn't really believe it, it's just the fat cunt seems to haunt us.
  8. Maybe he has bought Castore.
  9. Was it necessarily bailing Rangers out. It could have been a statement such as "we think Rangers are being dealt with unfairly due to pressure from certain quarters" (no laughing at the back). At the time we seemed to have no allies, so even a short sentence like this could have provided some succour.
  10. Once the olympics went professional, Pandora's box was well and truly opened. You can also add golf to the list as well.
  11. I agree. Football at the olympics in its current format is ridiculous. If you are good enough to play for your country, you will play for them in world cup and regional qualifiers, if you don't qualify for the finals of those competitions, tough. Football teams at the olympics should be limited purely to amateurs.
  12. RTE would probably give us fairer coverage than the BBC.
  13. There is a ready made line, which I think is called a border, that they can use as a cutting guide, and then they can float the bottom bit wherever they want.
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