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  1. Probably the only ballot box Democrats are allowed to use in the US election.
  2. I agree. His reaction is what I always thought it would be once he realised that their easy ride was over.
  3. He seemed to be about to say that the ref reacted to pressure from the crowd, suddenly realised there wasn't one, and changed it to pressure from the assistant refs. Surely that's what they are there for.
  4. Could you imagine covering up sexual abuse of kids to keep the 'good' name of any football club. Pure evil bastards. I wonder if the court will have the power to force the scum to release the mythical internal investigation report.
  5. It was like Christmas as a kid. Didn't get to sleep for ages last night, and awake at 5 this morning.
  6. I work in social housing where we are obliged to install these, usually linked to a central alarm system for all flats in the building. You would be surprised how many tenants remove the detector head due to them getting fed up with them going off when they burn the toast etc. This then shows up as a fault on the main panel with associated continual beep which annoys the hell out of other tenants, but more importantly puts everyone in the blocks life at risk. Sometimes I hate people.
  7. Let's lynch the landlord is superb. Ironically I now work in social housing. (For this to make sense, I was responding to #wewillfollowrangers . I have probably fucked up this edit as well).
  8. Politically the songs are as relevant now as they were then. Viva Las Vegas is my get going tune.
  9. One flew over my house a couple of days in a row last week. There is no mistaking the noise the engine makes.
  10. Watch your spelling mate.
  11. I lve in Burgess Hill. Apparently this was an argument about parking in front off and blocking a driveway. I will get the full SP down my local tomorrow.
  12. She suffers from chronic pain (fibromyalga), and is adamant that thiis eases it, allowing her to move more freely and relieving the pain. My brother in law who recommended the supplier crushed his ankle in a work accident and swears that it is cbd oil that allows him to walk pain free. I know it is quite pricey,, but I would recommend that your wife tries it. If it does provide the comfort it seems to provide others that would be a great result.
  13. A lot of the ones you buy in places like Holland and Barrett are as weak as fuck. My Mrs buys 100% strength stuff from a guy who was recommened( and vouched for by a family member). You order by text and pay by PayPal and he sends it through the post. There have been no issues and delivery is usually within a week. She says it is much better than the shop bought stuff she bought previously (you do pay roughly the same however).
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