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  1. Agree to an extent as he is a striker so should be judged on goals but he's still contributing with his play. A month or so ago I'd have fully agreed with you when he was way off the pace. He's still got a long way to go before he's back to his best though that's for sure.
  2. I think his general link up play has been really good today but we've just not created any chances for him unfortunately. Involved in nice play with Arfield for both goals from open play.
  3. Yass big man! Whole team buzzing for him which is brilliant to see! Great link up play with Morelos and Arfield again.
  4. Good solid performance today after a good win in Europe. Would like us to have created a bit more but content with it so far.
  5. It's not even a surprise anymore. Any hint of pressure we drop points. Didn't feel confident today for that reason. They cunts win that today and we don't. It's the reason we won't win a thing with this squad.
  6. Thank fuck for that and good goal! Sort it out at half time and get grip on this game now!
  7. What's with all these shitey passes with no intent?!
  8. Some cracking football today by us but just want us to murder a team.
  9. Just wish we were clinical. This should upwards of 5 by now.
  10. As always it'll be down to how we perform against the rest of the shite in Scotland that will determine how our season goes. I expect us to at least win half our home OF matches but let's be honest the scum are still a lot better than the rest of the SPFL shite so won't drop many points regardless of how average they are looking. If our players want it and have the mentality for it then we can win this league but it won't be down to a scum disaster. It'll be down to us screwing the nut in the games where 3 points should be gimme.
  11. An unfit Roofe and Barker on is top quality banter.
  12. There's another top class midfielder who must be thinking the same thing as Gerrard. Mental.
  13. This sums it up perfectly for me and after watching the same mistakes over and over again I honestly don't know how people think this is just simple blip or 2 points dropped which happens from time to time. It will happen again and again and it will be because of the same mistakes made by Gerrard.
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