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  1. They'll be trying to fit in a Dubai break or something after we pump them on the 2nd.
  2. His simple passing and control is shocking at times. Just needs to nail down the basics first then let his talent do the rest.
  3. GaryMc


    I personally don't think you can judge players like him until he's in amongst your strongest team then you really see what he offers and what he doesn't. I think he has something about him though but plays a bit laboured and to be honest I don't think he really knows what his strongest attributes are or what type of striker he is yet. It's up to the coaching staff to bring the best out of him. Time is on his hands.
  4. What we need to remember in all this is that as long as we keep our head and level we're showing on the pitch it really doesn't matter what the fuck they do! All about us and always has been but I feel this has been the first year in so long that us as a club don't even look at them. They'll implode themselves as long as we do our job on the pitch.
  5. Fucking quality. It's a joy watching us just now it really is. Even though in this game our level has obviously dropped a bit with the changes but we play the same way regardless of personnel and it's quality to watch as we've finally got an identity we've all bought into.
  6. Itten should've put that away. Good layoff by Hagi as well.
  7. Barker is really the weak point of our squad. Replace him with a decent backup for Kent and we'd be sorted.
  8. Outstanding! What a pass from Goldson and great finish!
  9. Hope the big man is ok and as already said hope he's not spread it to anyone. When would the earliest he'd be allowed to play once he's recovered? Would it be Motherwell or are there different measures for testing positive against just isolating because you may have been exposed?
  10. Our players should be smelling blood now with the state of the scum and go out to destroy Falkirk then go on to win this cup as the first taste of silverware for this group of players. What an opportunity we have in front of us! It's now or never for this squad so let's go! Get the job done and move on. 1 game at a time.
  11. I can't believe that 😂😂😂. Quality!
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