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  1. THE man, believed to be a furious Rangers fan, hurled a volley of abuse at the disgraced tycoon before being thrown out of the Tesco store in Inverness. Ex-Gers boss Craig Whyte buys grub with female friend in Inverness Tesco A CHRISTMAS grinch was kicked out of a supermarket for launching a tirade of abuse at former Rangers owner Craig Whyte. There was no sign of festive spirit as the man, believed to be an angry Gers fan, gave the disgraced tycoon a piece of his mind before being booted out of the Tesco store in Inverness. Snaps of Whyte pushing his trolley with a glamorous dark-haired compa
  2. http://www.<No links to this website>/news/scottish-news/rangers-fan-thrown-out-supermarket-2963304 Well Done to whoever this was !!! Googley eyed prick deserves more than abuse !
  3. D'Art, Starve them of what they crave, need so desperately and what they relied on for so many years. THE BLUE POUND
  4. I agree. I for one, stand by the VB and their actions. This picture is neither illegal or offensive, it simply exposes our haters. Meanwhile, very little coverage of the mhanks display glorifying terrorists and their weekly songs regarding the deaths of British soldiers. Some fans needs to remove their heads from their own arses.
  5. Oh dear. Your comparing a photograph exposing our clubs most notorious haters to a display glorifying a terrorist, words really do fail me.
  6. Why shouldn't he defend it? We should all be defending it ! Their is nothing illegal or threatening in the picture, about time the Rangers haters know that the fans are on to them.
  7. Had many an interesting conversation with Hernan. Huge Rangers fan, was over at the start of this year and spent hours at Auchenhowie with the players.
  8. RST, RSA, SOS all speak for a minority of the Rangers support. The sooner the mhedia in this country realise this the better!
  9. The club shouldn't be forking out money for silly wee boys/girls who can't behave in a mature manner. Want to behave like that, fucking pay the damage bill, simple. This is the group who where shouting sack the board because of the loss of money, but they will contribute to spending it on childish nonsense. Grow the fuck up
  10. You're clearly in favour of this type of behaviour so answer me this : Is the money for the damage caused coming out of the pockets of those responsible/the club coffers? I know which answer is correct, let's see if the uneducated do!
  11. Clowns are getting as bad as the ghroin brigade. These silly boys don't understand the cost this will come to our club!
  12. As cringeworthy and petulant as it is. I hate the googly-eyed zoomer
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