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  1. I suggested white pinestripes like we had in the 80's and some other member came up with this. I think its a winner.
  2. Good win. Probably didn't deserve it either but we defended well and Ireland didn't take their chances. First time we have had back to back 6 Nations wins since 2001. Was some atmosphere the last 20 mins. First time I have saw us beat Ireland so thats good. Need a win against Wales in two weeks.
  3. England are looking good for the Slam. Will be a hard game against the Welsh in the last game though. Got a ticket for todays game. Reckon we can beat the Irish by a couple of tries. They have about 10 players out and a rookie at 10 that can be bullied. Hopefully. Scotland to win by 12 points.
  4. Did we ever get to see their "dossier" of referee bias against them that they said they had and threatened to show it? Mind that, that was a laugh.
  5. Got a ticket for tomorrow and managed to get into some hospitality thing before and after the game. Free booze and food. Can't complain. I think we will struggle tomorrow. Italy have done this in the past, won a game but the problem is they don't back it up with another result. I think that might change tomorrow. Will be a tough yin. I will go for Scotland/Italy draw, Ireland win and a France win.
  6. I just watched How The Calcutta Cup Was Won 1990. Utterly pumped for this and the Rangers game now. Believe!
  7. I have a tie thats gold with blue and black diamonds/squarea on it. Label says on it "Exclusively designed for Rangers. Made in Italy" with a red, white and blue stripe. It was my grandads who was a big fan and my gran gave it to me after he died. It also came in a box with the Rangers crest on it. No idea where my grandad got it. Must be a good few years old, maybe from the 90's - early 00's. Still in great condition as I have only wore it a few times.
  8. Betting on there being a red card in this game. Head is saying a draw, heart is saying a 2-0 win for us.
  9. Stuck a Scotland and Rangers double on for tomorrow. 40/1. Weird that the French have left out Parra.
  10. Great PR in all fairness. I've always liked him. Model pro.
  11. New BMW advert for England out today. This is fucking awful. Terribly cringeworthy. Just fires me up even more for Saturday!
  12. Was on his twitter before he quit cause he was gettibg pelters haha. Some quote. I wid use it if I didn't have tattoos.
  13. De Luca is awful. Cost us games quite a few times. Main one was England in the World Cup in 2011. Also last year in Cardiff with his sin bin. More bad than good. Loved this from him though. Asked recently why he did not sport any tattoos on his body, De Luca replied: “Because you don’t put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari.”
  14. I will stick my neck out and say there won't be a Grand Slam at all this year. Ireland have the best draw on paper. Wales vs Ireland is a huge first game for them both. Wales lose then they have 3 away games in a row? Heads will go down if that happens.
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