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  1. The way we have started this season and how under par we have been, I’m not expecting a result at all!! last year I would be going into this brimming with confidence, this year so far I’m hoping we turn up, maybe kick us on but I have doubts Winning 55 was huge last year but as above has said, this year winning the league and getting the funds to upgrade and strengthen the team is a priority over everything else imo
  2. 4th sep 1990 Ibrox Rangers 6 raith rovers 2 mccoist hat trick what a day to be a wean at ibrox learned the refs a wanker as well….good times 😬
  3. From my seat yesterday fans were fuckin tremendous IMG_4860.MOV
  4. I was expecting kyogo to be decent and cause us problems, 30 mins in I said to my old man beside me, he has gave up taking balogun on, went inside every time thought the fans were brilliant today 7 old firm games undefeated media all week spoke about 2 big tests for them and they failed both mon the gers 😎
  5. To be fair mate, I couldn’t care if it’s 1-0 or 10-0 against Dunfermline the problem lies when we step up against better opposition. we should be beating Dunfermline regardless of any other game and the question becomes, if we beat Dunfermline, are we able to go and win the next game and the next ? the team now looks like they are miles off the drive and determination that took them to the league title last season. in my opinion, they have thought last season was a doddle and have approached this season as a gimme and that is a very difficult mentality to turn around we have just lost a huge financial advantage by being beat off a standard Swedish side twice and dropping into a Europa league playoff, the players confidence is low and we could be about to lose some big players. where does this leave us going forward in the league and in Europe??
  6. Yeah I got on earlier and had 2 tickets in basket but when I went to pay it froze and when I refreshed it took me back to waiting in a queue again 😒 must be sane thing and we picking up what they dropped the poor c*nts 😁
  7. Just got one as well, looked like all sold out but kept selecting, refresh stadium seating and got one in SJ front 😃
  8. Just managed to get one for SJ delighted 😁 still looking for another ticket if anyone can’t make it
  9. I’m the same, gonna try at 3 on general sale but looking for 2 tickets if anyone can help
  10. Without a doubt thee best title win with summer break now they can’t attract anyone to take over the rubble that’s left from the famous melting them all year tonight is essential listening to hear the helium screamers going full meltdown
  11. Arrived today ordered from first batch 😬
  12. Does mike Ashley not have shares in kitbag or their parent company?
  13. I think this is a rip off just a pic from internet of the "new top" click as if your purchasing it then on next page it says shirt printing " pick a player" click on that see what " players" you get to choose lol end up paying 80+ euros for 13/14 home strip lol http://www.footballshirtculture.com/16/17-Kits/rangers-16-17-puma-home-kit.html#prettyPhoto
  14. All this chat positive and negative for nothing will the guy be back playing for rangers ......NO. Fat baws doesn' t have the stamina or work rate end of thread....goodnight
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