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  1. I’ve never once seen any Rangers fans involved in racist singing. You’re a fucking trouble making liar! 👍🏻
  2. Here’s your tartan army certain posters seem to be gushing about!
  3. There’s some absolute bangers in this thread and they should be embarrassed to call themselves Rangers fans mainly @psb07158 and @Darth Bear
  4. Posted that earlier, actually sickens me that these scummy bastards live in the same country as me!
  5. Was reading that Motherwell were fighting with the CSC and Boro have meant to have smashed Hibs down there tonight.
  6. Tell you one person who made an absolute cunt of it….. Rio Ferdinand! 🙈
  7. Tell you one thing. I’d be taking Gilmour on loan for a year. Wee man would be unreal in the Champions League for us!
  8. Cunts would say fuck all here because they’d get pasted up and down the country the paedophile loving tramps - fenian mess!
  9. They fenian tarrier bastards ruin everything. Seen loads of videos of the cunts singing about the IRA and The 66 that died in the Ibrox disaster. Tragic bastards!
  10. John Collins has got his da’s suit on
  11. Shut up 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  12. Scotland fans getting leathered down there!
  13. Jabbing Abdul was a fucking liberty man!
  14. https://www.itemfix.com/v?t=o0h3lx
  15. Wouldn’t surprise ye with that stinking fenian bastard leaving Patterson out. However I think O’Donnell will be starting.
  16. I know quite a few bears that went down and are season ticket holders at Ibrox. Will be an eye opener for them as to what the tartan army army are about and can see them boxing with other Scotland fans.
  17. Wee boot! Still wid right enough. 👍🏻
  18. Scotland’s best chance of getting a draw is going full belt Walter Smith tactics of us in Europe. 4-5-1 or 5-4-1 and defend like fuck! Plus playing your goalkeeper in goals instead of centre mid would be a start!
  19. Belter tbh! I’d be heavy raging at my pal right enough videoing me and laughing like fuck when I’ve been knocked down. 😂
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