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  1. Can’t believe they are keeping Lennon - something isn’t right! Only thing I can think of is they’ve sounded out Strachan and O’Neil and they’ve both knocked it back. Dunno if it’s the last 10 years but I’m still cautious as fuck especially about the league. In saying that we play before them on Sunday so if we can win it’ll put massive pressure on them before they play a surprisingly in form St Johnstone team.
  2. If we were to get offered say £10 million plus for Kamara or £20 million for Alfie then I’d take it as we have replacements in the team and Alfie’s case we could get a 6 month loan who could do a job. Plus Roofe is is starting to look like he can be an able replacement. However I’d keep the likes of Kent, Tav, Goldson, Borna, Arfield and Aribo as these 6 are pivotal to us winning the league IMO.
  3. They’ll sack him after they drop points to St Johnstone on Sunday. 👍🏻
  4. Hopefully Jack and Aribo are back for this. Just want to win and get through so we can rest folk against Poznan so we are ready to go for the following weekend when we are away to Dundee United.
  5. No chance it’ll be Ross as funny as that would be. It’ll be Lennon until he fucks the league then it’ll be Kennedy until the summer.
  6. Ha ha bastard! Never read the full thread. 🙈
  7. Massive game for us and another hurdle that if we overcome then the fans and more importantly the players will start to believe just a wee bit more. 🇬🇧 Wee bit nervous all of a sudden! 😳
  8. Are you trolling? 😂 If so I’ll bite! Ferguson isn’t playing.
  9. Just read that Christie wants to leave and the club are aware of this. However Lennon saying they are trying to offer him a new deal as he can sign with someone on a pre-contract next January. (Not this January) Might be wrong but think Edouard and Ntcham are in the same boat. Certainly looks that way tbh! The scum will have to take a pretty decent hit by selling them next summer with only one year left. I think Edouard and Ntcham cost about £14 million between them. They’ll be lucky to get that back for the 3 of them with one year left. Plus a 40% clause in there for Edouard.
  10. Not sure if it’s been posted! Edit: just seen @BridgeIsBlue has - apologies bud.
  11. I’ll just leave this here! 😳
  12. Was talking to a couple of bears on a work call midweek and they were saying that’s the worry in the back of their minds. Government intervention or the SPFL calling null and void.
  13. Honestly mate I don’t know how the super computer managed it but their run of games out with us couldn’t be much easier. In the lead up to the old firm they are at home to St Johnstone, Ross County, Kilmarnock and Dundee United. Their only away game is Hamilton. As shite as as they are they won’t be dropping points until they play us.
  14. I looked at their fixtures and they’ll win every league game before they play us at Ibrox. And tbh they only really have us at Parkhead and Kilmarnock away after that up until the split. We have a fucking horrendous January so if we can get through that with our ‘5’ point lead intact then I’ll be more confident as after the split we have the more favourable games. However there’s still a long long way to go and having this advantage just now is great but I still think it’ll be close and probably go down to the couple of games or even last day.
  15. The Vow on Sky Documentaries is worth a binge during this second lockdown. Multi million pound company that had a fucked up sex cult in it. Few female celebrities heavily involved in it.
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