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  1. B1872

    For 55

    Good shout!👍🏻
  2. I might be miles off it but I honestly think it’s a 50/50 tie between us and could be 2 draws and away goals could be vital.
  3. Reckon there’ll be few surprises this round. Fancy Shaktar and Young Boys to go through.
  4. I honestly think it’ll be a tough one as watched them last night and they looked decent.
  5. Just sack the fenian cunts and hire a couple of hard working Protestants. 👍🏻
  6. Aye let’s not win the thing in case teams try and get our manager FS! 😂
  7. Aye I would love the English teams to be knocked out purely down to the arrogance of that cunt Tim Sherwood last week. He was banging on about an all English final and sniggering away when Boydie said teams will fear Rangers.
  8. Genuinely don’t have any fear about them as they scraped past 10 men. Man U are all wrong for us though. Their pace upfront and in the wide areas would cause us real problems.
  9. Out of the English teams I’d take Arsenal so we can destroy that wee cunt Tierney the same way we’ve destroyed his pals.
  10. Would like to avoid United, Shaktar, Spurs and Slavia Prague tbh! Would love Molde. 🙏🏻
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