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  1. Rangers Twitter is infested with Palestinian Turkish fans from the Ivory Coast now this place is also. Hope we smash these cunts next week tbh!
  2. You are an absolute mutant looking cunt man - barking looking 😂
  3. How has there not ya fucking throbber?
  4. I think the chat is we will lower the pitch and also move the pitch over closer towards the Sandy Jardine stand that will stop restricted view from the top of the Club Deck. There are also medium term and long term photos kicking about from Keppies with regards to lowering the pitch and filling in the upper tier corners of the SJ stand. (I’ll see if I can find them) Think that work should take us over the 60,000 capacity.
  5. Something about her in they films where she’s sexy as fuck. Sure I read somewhere the tarriers paid her to do a half time draw 😂😂😂😂😂
  6. She’s a dirty fenian bastard man - makes me hate her!
  7. Same as beating they tramps in the semi final in 2016 - ultimately tinged with what might have been! Can anyone explain to me the over policing at the corner? When they tramps win at Ibrox they get to go over and celebrate with their fellow mutants unchallenged yet we aren’t allowed by the corner flag and we’ve got stewards and polis grabbing and pushing our players.
  8. Absolutely hate these cunts. Hopefully we destroy them that much that Jim Spence drinks a bottle of bleach.
  9. Watched Outcry today. Decent if you’re wanting something to binge.
  10. Castore have been fucking proven to be amateur as fuck. Had a couple of my nephews birthdays recently and can get literally fuck all Rangers kits for them. Not to mention fuck all for the wee man who is three in a few weeks. Hope to fuck we get rid of these fucking cowboys sooner rather than later. And as a few have already mentioned the silence from the club is deafening!!!!!
  11. I can’t believe Porto aren’t buying him as a replacement for the boy they’ve just sold. Morelos was unplayable in both games he played against them last year.
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