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  1. Just catching up and seen this... Pisses me off no end the narrative that OO marches are somehow 'anti catholic'. They are not anti Catholic they are pro protestant. There is a big difference. The OO campaigns for religious and civil liberties for all, regardless of race or religion. I am very proud to be an orangeman and I have Catholic friends... Actually come to think of it I have Muslim friends and Buddhist friends too, so rule out the racism side too. I hate people like her, not for being Catholic but for being bigoted and divisive in our society. She encourages sectarianism not the OO. Also last point... Are pro Indy marches described by this lot as anti English/British. Nope didn't think so.
  2. I agree 100% they are weaker than before the window... Rarely does a gamble like this pay off. Hopefully a few flops in their panic buys.
  3. That is one of the most tragic things I've ever heard... Its like what wee guys talk about in playground when they are 12 不
  4. We needed that... Good man Stevie!! Roll on ibrox. I fancy it now
  5. Crying more than I did when my kids were born... Love you all bears!!!
  6. Absolutly terrible there... Devastating! Shows there is work to be done for next year...
  7. Absolutely buzzing... WATP!!! Love you all bears.
  8. Is a tough one... Would love to win it at their midden but after the last 10 years not too bothered. Enjoy every minute bears. Watp!!!
  9. Spot on Stevie G!!! Love him...
  10. Great effort tonight lads... Was buzzing when I heard it!!!
  11. Wee man can have all the parties he wants 不不不
  12. Didn't realise this... He is outstanding this season and we have missed him massively! Unsung hero for us this season by all accounts. Like a Makalele for Chelsea I suppose.
  13. Really poor here... Slow on the ball and lacksadasical with passes. Need to change things quickly here.
  14. Yaaaaaaassssssss Get it right round yous you trampy bastards!!!
  15. Come on lets do the business Rangers and turn the pressure up to 11 on these mhanky bastards...
  16. Grinning from ear to ear walking into work this morning... How the tables have turned Timothy
  17. Agree... Fair play to him. He doesn't have to!
  18. Def not worth paying a flight from America for...
  19. Fuck all about Limpdong in the news... He broke covid regulations on 19th Oct and has played every game since including the OF. Waiting a comment from SFA and Sutton...
  20. Next 3 home league games are must win IMO... Killy away will be tough but a win would show what we are made of and potentially define the rest of the season. TBH not overly bothered about Europa. Always nice to get decent results and reach knockout stage, which we are more than capable of. For me stopping the 9.5 is a must!!!
  21. Think this is the main point. If we keep performing the way we are capable of and grinding results when we are not on form (a common theme for the filth) we will go all the way. It is no longer a question if we have the team good enough to do it it is all about belief and desire for them now.
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