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  1. Thats the last 15 games if that doesnt show the board that we can mount a challenge if we get a bit of backing from them and a manger the nothing will they are there for the taken this year
  2. I do agree but there is signs we have a decent side you dont go upto aberdeen and go to hibs and win if your a bad side were just inconsitent a steady manger and a couple of sigings we wouldnt be far off
  3. Record of the last 5 games if we can get our act the the gither there is no reason why we cant challenge them i honestly beleave they are there for the taken. They look as if they crumble under pressure at every opertunity if we can go out and add a couple of players we could have a say and we need to make ibrox a fortress
  4. I'm all for one saying warbs has to go but have we got the money to go out and get another manager and give him the funds to at least challenge the manky mob ? tonights games showed us our players have no passion no fight !! Warbs doesn't know how to change a game. He then takes hyndman off and keeps Halliday on I am bemused how Halliday gets a game in our team.
  5. Am no one for slaughtering us but we were no we're in that game bullied off the park midfield was no we're looked as if the players weren't playing for the manger think it's time for him to go he's to stubborn to change the tactic witch clearly isn't working !!!
  6. I agree on solid formation but we lacked pace in the porkheed game
  7. McKay been off the pace lately I would play forrester
  8. Agreed mate would like to see him change it suprise a few people everyone knows how to set up against us
  9. Come on boys am only saying the team that I would play ?
  10. I would personally go with this team would like to see him change it suprise people and think this team could do the job Kiernon for Wilson
  11. Looking to swap 2 south upper for 2 of the west if anyone is looking to do a swap ?
  12. 2 tickets there meet up there let me know
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