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  1. I will take 36 and 38. Will need payment details. Cheers
  2. His dad drank in New Stevenston Orange Hall.
  3. Just watch mate. There is parking restrictions in some of the streets just off Cathcart Rd.
  4. Guys got green seats outside. Explains that then.
  5. Made a delivery today into it guy says tomorrow mate.
  6. Cant find the thread on this but just a heads up that Church on the hill reopens tomorrow.
  7. Someone correct me if im wrong 1986 against Hamilton got beat 1-0 at Ibrox. Can remember fans singing Waddle Waddle get to fuck. Take it that was the ref.
  8. Mccrorie and the fans. When i was young i had know sense i bought a flute for 50p
  9. Wes, Pena, Hodson and Dorrans shite
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