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  1. October 88 for first game away from Ibrox, 3-2 v the sheep in the league cup final. First away league game August 91, 2-0 at the piggery, Hateley (sporting a new perm) double in glorious sunshine
  2. Tbh nobody knows how 3 at the back would have went until the big Swiss Cuckoo hand balled it.......I would chase him as he was clearly out his depth......and Kiernan too.....but just my opinion.....
  3. I was in the same class at school as that wee guy back in the day.......he loved getting it right up them and never let us forget it ?........every goal in the Broomie end (I think it was 3 was greeted with a giruy, coz Walters scored in 2nd half at Copland to make it 4).......especially after going 1 down......stuff dreams are made of when you are a kid ?
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