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  1. You are, of course, entitled to your opinion. I have no idea where the money goes - probably into some guy's pocket, as you say. At the end of the day though, you're buying clothes, it's not like you're being scammed - you get a tangible item for your cpin, just like if you buy a scarf from a vendor outside the stadium. The club's too PC nowadays. There was once a time when the official merchandise often featured the Union Jack. Nowadays it's seemingly offensive, maybe due to the independence movement or supposed sectarian connotations. However, I preferred it when the club was unashamed
  2. Most of the official merchandise is shite, and the revenue generated is spent on legal fees fighting Fat Mike. So as well buying from this place.
  3. Pretty decent stats, wasn't aware of that.
  4. I'm only repeating what I hear, and I did say it was rumour. I'd like to know how much each player earns.
  5. Not an embarrassment. Given the weather, I think that's pretty reasonable. I'd have gone, but as it is will barely make kick off... Hats off to the thirty staunch!
  6. I repeatedly hear rumours that we're paying him £60k per week. If that's true, and Morelos is on £20k, it's likely to cause discord in the dressing room. But to be fair he hasn't really been given a chance.
  7. Sutton has suggested that former West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur striker Defoe may not be happy warming the substitutes’ bench at Rangers. The 36-year-old joined Steven Gerrard’s side on an 18-month loan deal from Bournemouth in the Premier League in the January transfer window. The Englishman has made four starts and four substitute appearances in the Scottish Premiership for Rangers, scoring five goals in the process, according to WhoScored. Defoe also has made one start and one substitute appearance in the Scottish Cup for the Gers, according to WhoScored. Sutton w
  8. Do you believe in free speech? Do you have any principles? It shouldn't be a race to the bottom, where nobody can sing anything and even songs like The Sash or Derry's Walls are considered 'offensive'. Gerrard's statement seemed to me to be a wee dig at the permanently offended snoke flakes in the East, and that's the way I like it. Man up, don't wallow in victimhood.
  9. Good man! Why can't more people be like that? It's embarrassing reading about grown men claiming they've been traumatised by verbal abuse.
  10. A lot of erroneous capital letters too - 'Hours', 'Stadium'. The way supporters are treated, coupled with the poor standard of English makes me unsure whether or not these are authentic.
  11. Have some fucking principles! You don't grass! Ever! You follow them to the bogs and chib the cunts...
  12. I'd garrotte them with my shoe laces and hang their corpses from the rafters, to be pecked clean by the birds. That should deter the cunts.
  13. We should be capable of winning without him - especially at home. If we're not, then I'd rather lose to Aberdeen than the Tims.
  14. If Morelos plays he's highly likely to get booked, IMHO. We should be capable of winning at home without him.
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