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  1. 3rd biggest......but easily the most impressive and beautiful old stand in the world. It will never be surpassed.
  2. James McClean suspended by Stoke for COVID breaches. What is it about tarriers and an inability to stick to protocols. Must be something to do with being inherently thick.
  3. Charlie Mulgrew is ‘optimistic’ on C**tic title hopes. Apparently. And here we have another sad case of heading the ball causing brain damage.
  4. I’d prefer them not to be deducted points. They’d just use that as an excuse for us winning the league. A massive fine and a European ban for me.
  5. Simple - ban the offenders.
  6. And they are demanding action against fans who subjected them to abuse. Dont hear those demands when it’s their fans abusing them, or throwing sectarian anti-Semitic abuse about. And where are the demands for action against the biggest example of abuse in sporting history....
  7. If the SPFL have sanctioned this, or the SFA, it’s time to go for the jugular. We should be calling for them to be hammered with a big fine and a big enough points deduction to keep them out of the CL qualifier. We should also be calling for the heads of the decision makers at the governing bodies, starting with McLennan and Doncaster.
  8. I’ve never heard of them. I’ve been online a lot since 2012. I just don’t ever go onto their blogs or fan pages. Not sure why any Rangers fan would. Leave it to them to be obsessed with us.
  9. What I enjoy the most about their performance is that they believe they dominated us and still got beat. Much more of a sickener for them
  10. We just need the best finish in the world to experience the best feeling in the world.
  11. With Der Goalie a close second!
  12. Gazza 8 in a row is probably the best I’ve seen. Closely followed up by the Laudrup final v Hearts. Leftfield shout for Dale Gordon’s debut v Dunfermline.
  13. The rest of the world are finally seeing them for what they are.
  14. In addition to his contribution of goals on the pitch, I think his contribution off the pitch is probably invaluable. Who better to have around to influence the young strikers on how to play, and the other youngsters on how to live your life as a professional.
  15. All this talk of results we want, whether TLB gets the boot, who replaces him if he does? I couldn’t care less now. I just want to see them get fucked every game they play. If we keep playing like we are we will win the league regardless of who is their manager.
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