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  1. We can’t drop goldson because there’s no one to take his place,bassey is no better than a poor barasic ,hagi is a luxury we can’t afford as he is so one paced it’s embarrassing. Gerrard is absolutely clueless and is either unwilling or unable to change a system that every team in the country has sussed how to combat and his use of substitutes is most often bizarre.
  2. So what about away games where we are just as shit.
  3. Read 3 separate articles today all in support of griffiths and saying abuse he gets is out of order,one of the culprits said at the time that the banner saying that Morelos’s mother was a whore displayed at pittodrie was just banter. So better if Morelos was a racist paedo scum bastard than a guy with a history of charitable work,krankies utopia.
  4. It was only last year it’s not as if he posted that shite when he was younger,the prick.
  5. “Just need to accept it and move on” he says,almost a week after the incident,what a prick.
  6. Would’ve been better if the sponsor was orange instead of T-Mobile.
  7. AGM,what will we discuss (a) the club making a horses arse of tiar or (b) Rangers getting into eufa cup.
  8. Ange says it was a world class goal and hartson says kyogo and joys are world class,deluded doesn’t even describe these cunts. I watched the scum game and then the Madrid/Liverpool game and there is no comparison,it’s like MOTD being followed by sportscene on a Saturday night.
  9. The jap was invisible most of the game and the goalie gave him too much of the goal to aim for.
  10. Gerrard gave him a free ride by keeping him on the park.
  11. We miss Kent more than any other player as even when playing badly he is still capable of one bit of magic and even when he’s shite he doesn’t hide.
  12. My wife used to buy stuff out his catalogue.
  13. Maybe you should start a poll on your last point.
  14. Ready to blow up a couple of weeks ago but now because of a club record 2 wins in a row he’s all jokes and everyone’s pal. It will all end in tears just like his Aussie press outing.
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