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  1. So only union flags banned from the square then?
  2. Now why on earth would an snp run council refuse to talk to us,very strange.
  3. He’s like a subutteo goalkeeper for fucksake.
  4. What institutions have you been in? Did you meet Lennon in any of them?
  5. Glasgow green so we can still keep social distancing,don’t want to upset wee krankie again.
  6. Why is every cunt copying griffiths hairdo,am I missing something.
  7. There must be some poor cunt who has the replica jersey with Duffy on the back who hasn’t even taken it out the wrapper.
  8. Are you Dickie from the GYTO?

  9. Hi is there any chance of picking 2 of us up in Glasgow as Cumbernauld at 4am is too difficult. Cheers Drew

  10. How do I change my name

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