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  1. The mention of any kind of intelligence will confuse those cunts.
  2. All the best European keepers never do.
  3. Ridiculous the abuse their new keeper is getting,definitely looks the part in this video those clouds are travelling at a fair rate and he’s not missed one in the 3 hours I’ve been watching.
  4. They should really be down at the paedodome protesting with the other unwashed.
  5. Dickie


    Thought this was going to be about ted Rogers and dusty bin.
  6. I loved his apology for kicking an Aberdeen player in the head saying he was sorry he meant to kick willie Miller and got the wrong cunt. His disciplinary record was legendary.
  7. Remember they’re a champions league team and the Europa isn’t good enough for them never mind playing at Annan.
  8. Tell the wean no more football until he/she learns how to put their toys away.
  9. With the scum dropping points yesterday the atmosphere against scum lite today would have been amazing.
  10. “We’ve got a stronger team than last year” obviously he’s not seen Duffy play.
  11. Ajer seemingly did same thing in first half but no penalty.
  12. Stop tiar conspiracy in full operation now,Tim’s will go into full meltdown.
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