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  1. Is that the goalkeeping coach in the middle?
  2. He’ll claim it’s lost in translation. Is this interview taking place in cell block H.?
  3. If he’s as smart as cunts say he’ll be in South Africa with the British Lions.
  4. Hartson said it’s not fair to pick on individuals but edouard is shite.
  5. Got 3 tickets but because one was a concession I kept getting kicked out fucking shambles,agree about smart card but that’s too simple for cunts in ticket office.
  6. Do you need to sit in the seat you’ve been allocated or can you just move anywhere?
  7. 45 minutes now. 23000 allowed in now is that true?
  8. Do it in George square with flag unfurled on city chambers I’m sure there’s a precedent been set?
  9. Like for like replacement for Adam Johnson.
  10. I can imagine a few stones will be launched at bus shelters.
  11. Sheep getting 5655 for euro game which is 73% of season ticket holders you couldn’t make it up,only they are.
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