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  1. Duffy has more assists than hagi.😋
  2. Utterly ridiculous statistics,and the fact the goals we score are getting spread amongst the team is also impressive.
  3. Are you forgetting that their team is full of international superstars so they don’t even get a break.
  4. I hope Lennon takes your expert advice and builds his defence around that fucking donkey. Sold the 3 goals last night and his only decent tackle was on his own goalie.
  5. Their catholic upbringing has them programmed not to question anything which is critical of their church and celtic have always been just an extension of this. They are made to believe that they are oppressed and victimised and any kind of criticism or accusation sees the cunts circle the wagons. It is just not possible for the boys club disgrace to be an open secret for 50 odd years yet go on practically unchallenged without people in the highest positions in government and the church being involved,the refusal of both sturgeon and hamza useless to take any kind of action is proof of this. Be
  6. Not in the Scottish press it won’t be.
  7. He’s maybe got other charges coming up or is part of another case.
  8. You shouldn’t laugh,that’s fucked up his whole sex life.
  9. Said we won a poor game so obviously not a bluenose and definitely not a neutral. Even that prick Stewart admitted it was a doing.
  10. Further proof that the lockdown affected a lot of cunts mental health.
  11. Don’t know look at that useless cunt sadiq.
  12. They won’t make a decision if we are still top of the league,unless it was to make it null and void.
  13. The sfa had heard the pubs were getting shut on Friday and would interrupt their celebrating the national teams glorious and historic victory.
  14. No way,the hairstyle is a giveaway.
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