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  1. The scum detest Henry after he shafted their national team in World Cup with his hand of god goal.
  2. Maybe get Brenda back after tonights shocker.
  3. So is that what the Dubai trip was all about.
  4. Dickie


    Think you’ve got too much time on your hands.
  5. Dickie

    Ryan Kent

    After turnbull you mean surely
  6. Is that next years odds?
  7. Dickie

    Bring it on

    I think most of those teams are already out.
  8. Dickie

    For 55

    Think krankie should let the fans in for this one.
  9. We’ve all had our say but it’s what Gerrard says that counts,over and out for me.
  10. Needs to have some form of stripe or hoop to get the full impact I think.
  11. What’s the dress code for this party?
  12. No chance. If you get £25m for wee brittle bone tierney then who’s to say Patterson won’t be worth that in future.
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