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  1. Think it was in Birmingham, this tweet from Nov 6 says it was on Raw and Monday night raw on Nov 5th was in Birmingham
  2. jumping off a 30 foot cage into a t-t-t-table, and folk think its fake ITS STILL REAL TO ME DAMNIT!!!
  3. Aye probably most of the stuff in there are gifts from people and other clubs
  4. Is HHH a good guy now? Was always a bad cunt when I watched it.
  5. Instead of lifting the trophy Morelos just smashes two beer cans together, tans them, then swaggers about giving every cunt the finger
  6. Goram gets it for me. McGregor is great but at the end of the day he jumped ship when we went to the lower leagues and only came back once we were getting back to the top, I've forgiven him for it but he'll always be below Goram in terms of legend status imo
  7. Folk say that social media is pish right after posting a pic of their dinner on here
  8. On the other hand if Slavia do go on to win the competition it could look bad for UEFA having a trophy presentation and promotions for a Club that defended a racist, however the way UEFA usually act i would expect them to then sweep the whole thing under the carpet
  9. The government will continue to pull this shite as long as people are willing to accept it. Christ we even have posters on here who practically applaud this shite that the government comes out with. I'll be surprised if there's any fans allowed at any of our games until after the summer tbh
  10. What investigating needs done? Surely all they need is statements from each of the players involved, and that could be done in a day. This one match ban for the "investigation" is just at attempt to let the dust settle and for people to forget about it before they claim there isn't enough evidence and the one match suspension will be all he gets. On one hand I do think its hard to prove beyond a reasonable doubt what he said. Its obvious that he did say something racist based on the reaction, but as its our players word against his it will be hard to prove what he said. But the puss
  11. I did ๐Ÿ˜† even told my boss I'd maybe have an appointment that morning ๐Ÿ˜…
  12. So uefas basically saying if you're getting beat just racially abuse the opposition till they walk off and forfeit and you'll be awarded 3 points
  13. Ban him for life and ban any arsehole journalist who takes his side over it, let the rats know we won't accept or bend to that shite. If it had been any player from any other club he'd probably be out of a job but he gets away with it because its us
  14. These are worse than the snake tattoo
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