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  1. Cause there's a big pole in the way
  2. I was pure ragin after that game 😅 they battered us
  3. Theres certainly a connection though. And there are celtic fans claiming they have a special relationship. I don't see why they wouldn't be wanting to assist the taigs if they have some kind of relationship with them and keep sending them loan players etc. Its maybe not assisting them in some sinister way, but they're certainly trying to assist them, thats the whole point in these kind of relationships, for the clubs to assist each other for their mutal benefit So basically if you support them then you're a almost certainly a taig mate
  4. I predict a 3-0 win to Rangers with Goldson scoring 4
  5. Is the Black Cat and the celtic club still open?
  6. So Greenock isn't a taig town but at the same time your best recommendation for a bear friendly pub is to get a bus to a less taigy town?
  7. Inverkip hotels gone now I'm sure Edit - never mind I'm thinking of the one in wymess bay
  8. The restaurant in the marina used to be good but no been there in years, good wee breakfast Cafe in the marina tho or at least there was 2 years ago
  9. The guy had Lazio and other Italian team pennants on the walls, cant recall any celtic stuff, folk used to see Novo there all the time and apparently he was friends with the owner but that might just have been one of those local rumours
  10. Nah mate I dunno how many times I've heard them shouting treble treble pretending it takes the 10iar pain away. They're certainly hurting and it did mean everything to them, all this other nonsense is them trying to cover up their agony
  11. Its a taig town mate get over it
  12. I considered moving to Wymess bay at one point but I liked to drink in Largs and I think the last bus from Largs to Wymess Bay is like 8 at night
  13. There are plenty of Bears in Greenock but its still a taig town in my eyes, largest celtic supporters club outside glasgow I think
  14. The whole thing just makes the taigs look utterly pathetic, every legit organization praises us for winning 55, and the taigs are like "no they're dead, its us you should be praising" or they bang on about their treble that no one cares about and they pretend they don't care about not getting 10 😅 its certainly not the way I'd want to win. Shows what a shit club they are they can't accept they'll always be second place behind us and so they resort to trying to convince people we're dead. Its utterly desperate, and reeking of jealousy. I love every fucking minute of it
  15. Wemyss bas is probably 5050 us and them, seems like an incredibly boring wee town imo, used to live along the road in Skelmorlie which was boring as fuck n awl
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