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  1. Evil is really good, binged the whole thing in two days and haven't done that for a series in a long while
  2. I've never understood why football fans spunk themselves over board members and CEOs, like Hearts with Romanov, they're just businessmen And Dave King hasn't even achieved the bare minimum that would make him deserve half the praise he gets
  3. He got lucky with Gerrard, some of our fans are as cringey as they come
  4. And near enough every shop had a dozen different versions of these, I'm sure I've still got a couple of these kicking about somewhere
  5. There's posters on here who think that any day now the government's gonnae reveal they've been in contact with some intergalactic civilization for decades
  6. In fact I dont think I can even get one of the Philips ones here
  7. I've been contemplating getting something like this for a while, was thinking about just renting full sized kegs as there's loads of places that do them around here but buying a fridge for the garage that would fit one would cost a small fortune, so thinking of getting one of the smaller ones or one of these kind of things OP is talking about Are these Philips ones the best? Ive been searching for a while for these kind of thing but there always such mix reviews and I don't want to spend a couple hundred quid on something that's useless or doesn't do the job
  8. I love the way this thread can go from folk moaning about the price of a McFlurry to drug cartels flaying cunts in less than two pages 😂
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