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  1. I never liked international football, I asked my Dad to take me to a Scotland game when I was a kid and we went to Scotland vs Lithuania I think, I was bored out my mind, the songs were pish, just a boring experience compared to going to Ibrox. So most of my life I just wasnt interested when Scotland played, I'd watch a game in the pub but never cared about the result Then it got to the point that the tartan army were obviously hijacked by nationalist english hating wankers, and were booing Rangers players. Now I'm at the point that my indifference towards the national team has turne
  2. If I'd already got my money from HMRC and received a letter like that I'd chuck it in the bin and not give it a second thought
  3. Aye they will be probably, I haven't listened to much hip hop in ages, can't even remember what the last hip hop album i bought was
  4. That's some of their tamest song names 😂 others include Entrails Ripped from a Virgins Cunt I Cum Blood Addicted to Vaginal Skin Stripped Raped and Strangled Meet Hook Sodomy They're a friendly bunch
  5. I used to dislike them because of the way they acted during away games but I don't have a problem with them anymore, they do us proud and I wish the club would let them extend their section
  6. Why are folk still angry at him for leaving, I mean it kinda worked out for us a wee bit
  7. I don't see what the big deal is @Smile it's a bit of harmless gloating and tame compared to things fans have done previously The vermin have been gloating for years, the UBs doing this is a great reminder to them that they aren't as special or as invincible as they think they are
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