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  1. I'm kind of in the same boat, im grateful for everything he's done but for some reason there's just something about him that doesn't sit right with me
  2. I'll do it for tree fiddy
  3. Haha dunno what that was all about lol
  4. I'm gutted that I'll probably not be able to be in Scotland for the party due to fucking coilvod
  5. Too soon to the point I'm not going to watch it until the league is in the bag
  6. Fuck off 😅 he's making a completely valid point don't start that site just cause you don't like the facts being provided to you
  7. The way he talks in that apology makes him seem like he's some cult member making the slimmest possible apology while deflecting blame because they're infallible
  8. It won't matter to me when we're Champions
  9. Id wager that there won't be fans in the stadiums this season
  10. They talk like they feel they are above everyone else and that its unfair that they're being called out, but that they know in al likelihood fuck all will happen to them
  11. What time does Superscoreboard usually start at?
  12. Hopefully that's the death of El Buffalump and the return of El Buffalo
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