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  1. Using the clubs trademark illegally. They should be ashamed
  2. 2 early goals please so im not wanting to punch myself in the baws by half time
  3. The griffiths situation is hilarious Tbe cunt must have thought he was invincible the amount of shit he gets away with, pretty much got away with trying to shag weans, but as he was a celtic player he probably thought he had some level of protection over the fact he's a wrong yin. Then he probably thought that signing to Dundee would be a fresh start for him and it would be forgotten about Then pretty much right away the chants start, hundreds of people shouting 'Paedo! Paedo! Paedo!', reality probably hit him right in that moment, he realised that for the rest of his life he's going to be known as a paedophile scumbag. And then he loses the plot and kicks a flare at folk 😅 Get it right up him. His demise and downfall brings me nothing but joy
  4. Just get one more ST then all three of you get peace from your wife she sounds like a nightmare
  5. Is it possible to put a vaccine in a pint of lager? Would be the best compromise. Bring back alcohol at games but only if it contains the vaccine. Suddenly glasgow is covid free in a week.
  6. Folk comparing themselves to war heroes cause they're vaccinated
  7. So in Scottish Universities all the lecturers and staff all volunteer their time? I never knew this.
  8. I didn't realise how extreme the nationalists and leftist views were but they actually believe that laptops and bicycles grow on trees
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