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  1. Think this is evidence alone as to how unnoticed his influence goes because I remember hardly any of the moments shown here in his time with us. 🤣🤣
  2. Needing two for this if possible. Taking my boy to his first ever game and looking to get 2 together so I could sit with him. Would be able to give someone my own ST seat which is in GR4.
  3. He's genuinely looking not great, but as others have said, he's not the first player we have had who has struggled to adapt. My only hope is he develops the right kind of hunger and realises what it means to be a rangers player!
  4. I get the feeling Lundstram thinks being an ex EPL player means you can casually stroll games up here but not for this team and I would hope to fuck the manager gets him told to pull his socks up and start getting stuck in.
  5. For me he did. There was players in his area he could be hustling on the ball but he was happy to let them ghost by. Just seemed his mind wasn't on the game. Makes me wonder if he has something going on personally that could be affecting him.
  6. Not expecting amazing but last night he didn't even look interested. I expect them to want to be giving their all and if they still come up short then you chalk it up to a bad performance which happens, and you know he is capable of more. Last night wasn't even that.
  7. The thing I cant work out is a few weeks ago, albeit in a friendly, Kent was enigmatic and played some phenomenal stuff against a quality of opposition who on paper are well ahead of anything we have played so far this season, yet since then he has been largely ineffective. Makes no sense. My worry is after winning the league some of the team are taking for granted what is needed to beat lower teams as they think just turning up to play is enough, and only when they feel the opposition is a bigger side do they feel it needs the extra effort turned on!
  8. Gutted to have missed out. Have never been drawn in any ballots over the years despite having had my ticket for 15 years. 734 quid for it this year but I just hope that those of you lucky enough to go raise the fucking roof, let them know we are the people and I will be watching at home roaring the team on. Hopefully we are all allowed back in business as usual as soon as!
  9. Yeah thanks to @govanblue for the handover and all the good work for Erskine. My old fella will be delighted with it when I hand it to him!
  10. Isn't the famous quote 'all that's needed for evil to prosper is that good people do nothing'. By the club being silent about this and taking police Scotlands outcome as enough vindication they would be to an extent facilitating these people in coming after us and do nothing to deter them from thinking about doing this again. A man who holds public office as justice office saying what he said needs hammered. Would he come out and comment about a court case upon seeing one piece of evidence? No. A justice Secretary who has issue with anti-irish and anti-catholic behaviour, but says nothing about their fans abusing Michael beale. Says nothing of us being called hun and orange scum on a daily basis. We have become 3rd class citizens in our own country and if the system won't defend us then we as sure as fuck need to defend ourselves. We should start by insisting that motherfucker steps down.
  11. I hope that smelly rat cunt of a justice Secretary is made to pay for commenting on a live police investigation about a fake doctored video by one of his own when he refuses to ever comment on a live investigation into a paedophile ring at his filth ridden club even though its been proven their club is riddled with paedophilia!
  12. Pretty apt that the biggest fucking snake in Scottish politics would call a COBRA meeting.
  13. Oooft. If it was morelos that did it then all his previous misdemeanours will be taken into account too. This has sin die written all over it!
  14. Fucking savages! But hang on.........purple ones? That's Quality Street, not Celebrations. Ffs.
  15. I heard there was a tub of celebrations and reports are that some disgusting psychopath was putting empty wrappers back in the tub before picking a new sweet! Shocking!
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