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  1. I've heard a rumours that @EverestGers has a quadruple hobo roast at xmas. A tramp stuffed in a tramp stuffed in a tramp......
  2. Aye. Its a pirate who's a total cunt!
  3. Should maybe just get @EverestGers to round a few up every now and then and release them in his estate for him, and the other members of aristocracy that he keeps in with, to hunt for sport.
  4. I haven't kept up with all this and had hoped someone could give me a brief synopsis, but having read someone belittling what others earn a year on the last page I went to, I dont think my blood pressure could handle it. If your remuneration package was being condescending and general arseholiness, then your gucci manbag is overflowing with it!
  5. Scotland fans celebrating Maradona's handball because they have become the sludge at the bottom of the U-bend in international football, is up there with the sheepshaggers celebrating the assault on Durrant as their only worthy contribution in a footballing context in the last 30 odd years! Probably explains why the tartan trannies are loaded full of those cretins. Match made in hell!
  6. I hope a monkey rapes a pangolin then goes on holiday in Sierra Leone and comes back with some aids-covid-ebola super virus, and then it coughs a filthy big phlegm ball in michael gannons face and infects the motherfucker...............which I mean in only the most banter-tastic way obviously. God sake, chill out Michael!
  7. If Tom Miller was to state live on Rangers TV than Scott Brown should be hacked to pieces with a machete, the parts scattered to the four corners of the globe to be consumed by seagulls, and the great unwashed voiced their disgust at it, I'm sure the Daily Record would run a piece telling all their fans to get a grip, grow up and stop always playing the victim......................hahahahaha, sounds hilarious even when you read it. Got more chance of Peter lawell apologising for the years of corruption he has orchestrated in Scottish football. The gist of life in Scotland is: Anyone
  8. Clearly they are enraged at the possibility of Scott procreating with a member of the same species as him rather than keeping the Aberdeen way and only fornicating with the livestock!
  9. The fact that stv said the SFA dropped it due to the witnesses not willing to speak at the hearing. So not that he didn't say it, not that he did say it, but that whey weren't willing to say. Is this Scotland or 1970s Colombia? Fucking not willing to testify for fear of the cartel!
  10. Always did that mental teeth gnashing gurn like he had just gubbed 4 eccies at the Arches! Kinda reminded me of the salesmen sketch in chewin the fat!
  11. Biggest cunt out of any sports personalities I have ever met!!!
  12. Who is dealing with CO issues in the interim since that fat bint is meant to be leaving the position this month? Is there an email address that we could write to and highlight lennons referee rants and bringing the game into disrepute to? You know, just incase they don't have a TV or radio and have missed all of popcorn teeths recent tirades.
  13. You would like to think that a new manager will try and give the fans something worth watching by trying to actually play football on their own turf. I watched their game against St mirren and he played hastie and they were playing a much better passing game. Maddens penalty for St mirren was suspect. Their league position though means that every point is massive for them so he could revert to Robinsons 10-0-0 formation we saw at Ibrox. That was one of the most disgusting opposition displays I've ever witnessed against us. Was an utter embarrassment.
  14. I may be wrong but it was the new years game and he scored the only goal of the game. Cant remember the year but remember the game as there was a power cunt so had to listen to it on the radio with my old boy.
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