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  1. The calibre of player we have now has shown guys like Rogic to be bang average. He was made to look good when we were sending utter shite out against them home and away.
  2. This Australian fella is going to have to hit the ground running right away. So much pressure on the guy right from the first kick of the season.
  3. Love it when players talk about the club with such passion. What a signing he has been after a very shaky start.
  4. Delighted with that. He's a class act Will still contribute on the pitch next season but as a coach as well, every single player can learn from him.
  5. Got an email saying mine has arrived while at work. Tempted to wear it to my football tonight but same time thinking about getting the top framed for the wall in the man cave.
  6. Still can't believe they've not got a new manager in place since Lenny left. Hilarious the way the Eddie Howe deal collapsed and now it seems they may be having some difficulty with this Australian bloke. What a time it is to be a Rangers fan.
  7. I used to be proud of Scotland and the saltire but over the last few years I've started to loathe the flag and the things it stands for. We all knew when the euros came around it would be a different story for the tartan army than it was for us a few weeks ago. The fact they aren't even trying to hide it tells you all you need to know about the utter cesspit we live in now.
  8. De Sousa has such a quality throwing action. Makes it look easy
  9. They'll fucking batter Scotland with those players to select from đŸ˜‚
  10. It's a shame we've been driven away from supporting our own national team due to the bitterness and hate that divides the country. Really won't be fussed at all when they take to the field.
  11. Delighted to see Killie go. Team of cloggers who've played a shocking brand of football for years on a carpet. Stick that one in your chips Billy Bowie! Now its our turn to laugh at them
  12. Imagine walking out at Wembley as part of that 11 and looking who's in the trenches with you. You'd feel like running back off
  13. Hard to disagree mate. The thought of Raheem Sterling running at O'Donnell for 90 minutes đŸ˜‚
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