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  1. Have to agree its my favourite on there a long with Jupiler and Lowenbrau.
  2. Got one two years ago and I've never looked back. I rarely drink cans and bottles anymore as the beer quality out of the machine is so much better. For instance buying a pint of stella in a pub in UK its 4.8% the stella in kegs for PD are 5%. None of your UK watered down pish. The real thing straight from Belgium.
  3. Felt the same last night. 6am rise this morning was easier too. Looking forward to Thursday and Sunday, the buzz is back at the moment.
  4. Looks like he can take the ball in and hold it up well. Good feet for a big man as well. Got high hopes for the lad.
  5. Totally agree. We havent even hit top gear yet. Morelos out of form as well. Once he gets back among the goals we are going to give someone a fucking hiding.
  6. I'd make one or two changes for this game. But not too many to disrupt the groove we are in. I expect us to win this game as we don't fear anyone in european football at Ibrox.
  7. Agreed. One game at a time. Killie away in the league next. Usually a tough test for us. I'm confident this time of going there and winning.
  8. Im confident of beating anyone at the moment and Poznan are no different. A win against them and beating Killie on the Sunday would be fantastic.
  9. Its very hard at the moment to not get carried away with the start to the season we've made.
  10. 3 points and a clean sheet. Job done today at Ibrox. On to the next one 👍
  11. Time for a couple of subs Stevie. Need to freshen it up and give a couple of players a rest.
  12. Was already buzzing for this game but after seeing Aberdeen draw with them this game is even bigger now. Come on Rangers, fucking do them!
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