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  1. Constantly talks out his arse that cunt ๐Ÿ˜‚
  2. I was roaring that 9 darter on for the big man. Unreal!
  3. Rob Cross fucked a few coupons there
  4. Snakebite stole that. Great last leg
  5. Bet he can't wait to get home after Friday nights game and regroup
  6. Well played Duzza! Doubles were flawless
  7. Brilliant news! Goldson next, please.
  8. Come on Dimitri in to this baldy wank
  9. Price will be a huge miss. He is box office. Playing the premier league Monday-Friday this week has backfired on them. Had it been 1 game this week he could have caught up in the coming weeks.
  10. They targeted him at every opportunity and got a lot of joy by doing so.
  11. Dropping Roofe ๐Ÿ˜‚ Pish official match thread as well mate. Must do better, haha
  12. Some of the abuse he is still getting is absolutely shocking. Vile human beings targeting his kids now too! I absolutely hate Slavia and everything connected to them. Utter scum.
  13. We are much weaker in midfield when he doesn't play. I think a lot of the work he does goes unnoticed. Does a lot of the dirty side of the game that people don't notice until he's out of the side. Sometimes in games you need someone to keep it simple and recycle possession and I think he's great at that. Such a shame he has injury issues and has missed so many games for us. Can't see Gerrard giving up on his man just yet so hopefully this specialist can shine some light on his problem injury.
  14. Delighted. He has been absolutely world class on many occasions this season and a worthy player of the year contender. He dives to the left....
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