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  1. Keep refreshing, folk with them in their basket then not committing. Took me a couple of tries, fastest finger first
  2. Not necessarily, depends when the news broke in the squad and when they managed to go for the NHS test. Can then take up to 72 hours to get back to you but usually takes 24.
  3. Absolutely. Hopefully it’s down to that some are waiting on results and therefore couldn’t travel. A negative return and they are golden to play on Sunday. Nothing confirmed means opposition can’t prepare. Hopefully a few walk out on Sunday that cause a, “fucks he able to play” reaction. Hopefully.
  4. Actual article says it’s just Gerrard that’s isolating, the others “have also not travelled”
  5. Following the window for Season Ticket Holders to purchase their own seat, which closes on Monday, MyGers members who are not Season Ticket Holders will then be able to buy a ticket on Tuesday, August 17 from 9am to 3pm. Any remaining tickets will then go on general sale from 3pm, also on Tuesday, August 17.
  6. Pricing aside, any word on general sale date?
  7. Spoke about this last season for affecting performance and focus. Winning games creates winners mentality. True it’s a different standard and arguably harder draws, but fuck it - we welcome the chase.
  8. Feel like we’ve been here before, albeit to different extents. Noise on Tue will let players know what it means to pull on the jersey. Will be a tricky game and some players (and fans) will need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and not shit the bed.
  9. https://shop.rangers.co.uk/collections/new-arrivals/products/mens-21-22-home-shirt
  10. On sale online now btw
  11. Even when we’re lazy - fucking winners mentality. Better Hagi!
  12. “We’ve got our 55 titles, we’re still going strong”
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