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McMannus & lafferty getting shoved


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What happend there a seen he was all busted up with blood on his shirt ? & blood running down his face!! ref didn't force him off arn't the rules if you have blood like that u need to go off ?

& fuck man the lines men when lafferty was fouled both times! one of the unwashed grabbed his top then he was shoved from behind? & the reff did nothing.

the officials were :wanker:

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aww man I thought they forced them off! he had blood all oover him aid's infested f****n blood! shoulda been imediatly told to go off.

You are correct that a player should leave the field of play when he has blood running from an open wound. But this is Scotland, they are Sellik and dont work along the normal rules that we are meant to follow. Fuck them anyhow. We are the people !!

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You can't expect the Pope's 11 to go down to 10 men when the rules are against them?

Get it fucking up the cunts, we won fair and square.

*waits for Sellic victim status to emerge and claim masonic ref cheated them out of two penalties for 3-2 win*

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