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  1. Ladies & Gentleman celtic are out of the Europa League Rangers are into the next round - Natural Order is Restored GET IT RIGHT FUCKING UP YEES YA WEE SISTER SHAGGING PEEDO ING MHANKY BASTARDS
  2. All those who said Shagger is done........ -How you like them apples Also nice to see Alfredo scoring team played better wonderful result - GVB Blue and White Army Lets Gio !!!
  3. spot on it's a fucking joke - Surely Gio would have had better subs and influence on this game
  4. This Man should never coach or manage again - Also who cares if Gio had 1 or 2 days surely his ability would be better than this idiot - first the players lost us the game but McCallum put the nail in the coffin -better managers playing football manager then him - he killed the game - what an embarrassing performance in a cup semi yet again - sick to death of these imposters not good enough to put on that jersey anymore
  5. McCallum should get so far from this club - game loosing subs - needs goals brings off aribo only player looks like he wants it - kents pace and drive and brings on jack 3 DM players- get him away from coaching
  6. NOW they take off Aribo WTF man !!!! two wrong subs amazing the stupidity on show - way to loose the game Rangers! GET GIO IN ASAP
  7. THIS is why Gio even with 2 days should have had his say - hope he is in that dressing room demanding more and higher standards cause that was embarrassing -
  8. if he pays 20 million thats fine :)
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