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  1. But to a lot on here they act like he had none some so called fans sit so high on that horse no wonder they cant see
  2. Whoa! Now we're getting personal. Now, what's your problem?
  3. We both know Lee Wallace who Captained us and stayed when it got bad will be remember to say other wise shows a lot about the guy typing it. Imagine forgetting about a captain of the club I still remember Gavin Rae sure he captained us briefly or stand in. Andy Webster not captained but just genuinely him and Alan Gow biggest pile of crap to be signed etc etc.... list goes on Was Lee Wallace a talent not at all but he rose the occasion captained our club and stood by us when others fled!! Nothing but respect for Mr Wallace
  4. I am one of Gerrards biggest fans but even I believe this is his last season even if he wins the league etc still think its time to go all out like Leeds did and try hard (I know easier said then done) but bring in some one with pedigree surely our club could lure some one ! also one with some balls and im not talking training pitch im talking calling out the media/refs and one who actually understands football. I love Gerrard and really loved him as a player and I was more then happy to back him last two seasons ! but the hibs draw the fact Davis is in his 3rd season fact he wont change the
  5. this is why years later im finally getting my glasses in 2 weeks lol Blind cunt
  6. agreed im in Canada and pay monthly but can only afford rite now to watch the game about an hour after its over. not ideal but my money goes into the club.
  7. didn't Broadfoot break Antonio Valencias ankle! he was skinny came back looking like he did steroids and bulked.
  8. So happy for him !! Legend one of the best Rangers men to ever wear that shirt !! I am also waiting 4 days late to find out if I have cancer to ! so this is good news !! so happy for Brian ! wish he was 20 again and could sign for us imagine him rtie now !
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