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  1. So proud of what we did this season - we dismantled celtic - Gerrard is KING ! Legend - been a tough 10 years what a way to re store order -
  2. me trying to use this in Canada and uber going wtf is this guy on about lol
  3. I collect Rangers players in football cards Alfredo Morelos got his first Real RC (Rookie Card) I pulled the /10 meaning there is only 10 made in gold. was glad I hit him first box.-
  4. what's sad is Glen was racially abused yet Rangers get a fine and two players suspended total of 7 games between correct and all slavia gets one player ban for 10 lousy games when you look at it this way uefa gave more punishment to Rangers then a confirmed racist - I feel terrible for any black player- every other day they are in the paper dealing with online racist's - abuse or other players abuse (or fans) pre covid - etc they literally have no hope its 2021!!! not 1841 like UEFA LITERALLY has sent a loud and clear message to any player who is racially abused ( sorry ) deal with it - and
  5. Ive got Ally McCoist training shorts from first season after Le Guen was sacked. I also have Billy Kirkwoods training shirt same season - I have been trying to get a match worn Rangers shirt since 2005 lol cant manage it - the ones I find are not able to prove match worn - I missed out on Scotty Arfields due to injuries and the other ones are way over priced - with the exchange rate it isn't worth it
  6. Ive got this coming in The Hagi - Alfredo Morelos is in a new card set coming out for Colombia that I will be buying many versions of :) I was shocked to see him finally have a card - to collect - wish it was in Rangers kit - soon we will I also got Lafferty - Davis Cards etc -
  7. Really ? :) I did not know that- do you got a link for it ? Id love to grab a few every once and a while.
  8. I wanted to get some but I am in Canada :( managed to get only one over :( there neat to own and read -
  9. There is a lot of Rangers men and women in Canada - We have NARSA - the following over here is massive. :)
  10. Really ? Ive seen a bunch like normal not racist but typical tarrier tweets but this is my first time going under a post and seeing one this bad - as some one above said he literally is saying this towards celtic coloured players to .
  11. I am so sick of these dirty fucking pricks !!! get this prick banned and lets do our thing look at this tweet ? it was under clyde super score boards post about brown going to celtic was posted 20 mins ago- This is disgusting - I am in Canada but I screenshotted it and reported it but how do we get this guy exposed . I just think enough is enough if that guy could get banned and found out for the Morelos snap chat surely this is worse !! there is no excuse for this- t=Also some one pointed out on another page on fb he only has 1 follower - I was in a hurry and ovb mad so didn't notice - either
  12. I seen on there twitter there header cover photo says no racism yet has a picture of the racist cunt - so they have joined in saying no to racism but they are currently under investigation for being (Said racist) I legit hate this club now just as much as celtic there fans are some of the worst sets of fans in all of football.
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