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  1. OMG man you made my day I am going to get this for my mate he played for Rangers reserves 63-65 I think he will be over the moon
  2. I am the same except I use the editor and bump all the stats up and get guys like Michael Mols/Numan in as a scout - Big Amorouso in as a coach along with Papa and Prso - I always bring Coisty back - in years past could bring back Walter- McDowell-Butcher-Woods-Goram lot of older guys and newer - Used to bring Walter back as a Director of Football and Ferguson as my Assistant or U-18 managers
  3. I want to own one of these old kits so bad - few out there - some ex players and collectors but would cost a fortune- knew a Reserve player from 1963-65 he said had I met you earlier id have given you the shirt - he gave it to his brother in law few years before we met. Imagine even a Rangers reserve shirt from 1965 - no RFC crest back then the white V and blue - I lost my 2013 shirt in a flood never found an XL for sale again.
  4. Some one with connections or all of email the club and bring it up - surely they would - Steiner sports does it - lol memorabilia guy in us sports - has been selling dirt from yankee stadium saying its the same dirt babe ruth played on 100+ years ago lol I mean he is a good salesman - it could be done for Ibrox
  5. Born a Blue Nose Die a Blue Nose #RangersForever

  6. Wee shall not be moved :)~!!

  7. Your wall is looking a little lonely :)

  8. Hiya! Only reason I added you cuz I saw that you live damn close to me!! Didn't think I would see that on here :)

  9. Glasgow Rangers champions!!! OH OH OH

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