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Wishart fires drugs warning to players

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Fraser Wishart, chief executive of the SPFA, claims top players will face considerable challenges in the face of a new WADA code used to test footballers for banned drugs.

The doping procedures used to check for illegal substances is about to become more complicated, with players facing the increased possibility of suspension, not because of cheating, but because they have failed to fill in correct paperwork.

All professional players in Scotland will be scrutinised heavily with aggressive testing every day.

They will have to be vigilant but it will be the top players chosen for the National Registered Testing Pool (NRTP) who will have the most rigorous obligations placed on them.

The NRTP will be based around players in the Scotland squad who will have to provide, three months in advance, a one-hour slot during every day of the year outlining where they will be at that time.

"If the player is not where he should be during the time slot for any reason, even the most innocent, he will be given a strike for missing the test," said Wishart.

"He can inform UKAD he will not be at that place up to one minute beforehand but, once the hour has started, it is too late.

"Further to that, players must also be careful to keep their computer file updated by giving residential and contact details. Privacy issues arise here.

"A breakdown of regular activities, including training schedules and competition schedules must be provided and kept up to date.

"Three strikes of any kind within an 18-month period and the player will be out, banned for two years.

Anyone else think that this is a little, er, whats the word? Oh aye, fucking brutal. It really is getting beyond a joke.

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