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Player Rater: *** Rangers 6 v. Motherwell 1 ***


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McGregor - 7

Broadfoot - 7

Bougherra - 7

Weir - 7

Papac - 7

Beasley - 8

Davis - 9

Thomson - 6

Novo - 7

Boyd - 8

Miller - 9

Team Selection 9 - Spot on.

Tactics 9 - Spot on. (Especially for the second half)

Subs - 8

Big Lee - 5 Disappeared.

Lafferty - 7

Naismith - 6

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At the moment.. how the f*ck can team selection be 2? Someone's clearly taking the piss.

It is broken for some reason and has been like that for months for those that forgot.

Might have someone that can fix it though ;)

Nae bother CR....

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McGregor - 7 Little to do apart from distribute the ball,which he did very well today.

Broadfoot - 6 Not as good as his 2 previous games which has to be expected since his long term time out.

Bougherra - 7 Solid at the back and adventurous going forward; some time the final pass will come good.

Weir - 6 Little to do, thankfully.

Papac - 7 Relaxed performance ,some great tackles and seems to want to be a striker.

Beasley - 8 Great old fashioned wing play, making me eat my words about his reluctance to go past defenders.Happy that he is making a fool of my criticisms.

Davis - 9 A poor start but what a performance in the second half, he and Novo showed how to keep warm and help the team.

Thomson - 3 Back too soon and needs more work done on his overal fitness.

Novo - 8 Winger, full back, midfielder; covered alll these positions, put opponents under pressure,picked up loose balls, another energetic performance which is spurring his teammates to raise the tempo and make us better.

Boyd - 7 Good all round performance, unlucky not to score more.

Miller - 9 Superb game, rarely stopped,good goals and unlucky not to get another.


McCulloch - 5 Cannot handle the defensive aspect of a holding midfielder but when he gets the balland plays the easy pass he gets by against poor opposition.

Lafferty - 6 His 2 goals deserves the marks for that better coming on against tired defenders.

Naismith - 3 His thought process and reactions are so slow, first touch poor,control dire; looked less than average against a tired dispirited opposition; would have been better to put one of the teenagers on.

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