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is it possible to get ITV1 HD in scotland.......????

itv 2 hd, 3 hd and 4 hd is available on my sky box but no itv1 hd. i am sure during the world cup i got itv 1 hd as i watched a few games on this, i got it by tuning my hd box to the required frequency and stored it in other channels. when i tried to tune into the barca - arsenal game during the week it came up as unavailable..... have they stopped showing it in scotland for some reason.

my mate down south says its on channel 178 i think, tried that up here - no joy....

thanks in advance for any assistance...

keep believing......................

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I think there is a dispute between ITV and STV so we don't get ITV HD up here, you can add STV HD though just google adding STV HD.

It is shite though, the other night I tried to watch the champions league game in HD and it was stuttery. Might just be my box though.

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To add ITV1 HD in STV or UTV regions you need to do this.

Press "Services" on the remote control (or from the Guide go to "Options" on the top menu).

Press the down arrow, and then scroll across to "Add Channels".

Press "Select" or the down arrow, to highlight the frequency.

Using the number pad on the remote, enter the following frequency: 10.832

Press the down arrow, and use the left or right arrow to change the Polarisation from V to H.

Check that the Symbol Rate is 22.0 and that the FEC is 5/6, and adjust if necessary.

Press the yellow button to Find Channels.

Once it has finished scanning, find & highlight one of the channels "ITV1 HD" (there should be two of them) and press the yellow button to store it, and then press Select to continue.

You can now view ITV HD by going to "Other Channels" within Services/Options (it's next to "Add Channels") & pressing Select to reveal channel ITV1 HD & then pressing Select again to view it

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