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  1. That's one of the messages I had seen. Looking back at him meeting Gerrard though, I'd struggle too believe he was stage 4 lung cancer though. That wasn't that long ago.
  2. Have been hearing some worrying things about Walter being seriously unwell and in hospital. Really hoping it is unfounded, but it's from a few sources, so it's concerning. Graeme Souness actually mentioned him having other things to deal with when talking about the title win. As I say. Here's hoping it's a lot of shite.
  3. '...we qualified, and they didn't...' Who exactly are 'they' ya horrible bigoted wee rat bastard?! Our great rivals Norn Irn..? Or a team from a Protestant country?
  4. A couple of years ago we had Sandaza and Daly playing up-front with Law and Black in the middle. We're doing alright.
  5. From Scullion Law's FB page. Justice?! Scullion LAW23 hrs · Another result for Scullion Law Criminal Department! Young client with no previous convictions charged with a serious assault. Client's position was that he was attacked by the complainer. Following the evidence of the first witness, and some negotiation with the Procurator Fiscal, it was agreed that the Crown would no longer seek a conviction against our client. Needles to say, the client was delighted that the case, which took over a year to go to trial, was finally over and he could go home to his family. ‪#‎justice‬ ‪#‎ScullionLaw‬
  6. Agreed. Starting both of them tonight was a fkn recipe for disaster.
  7. Jimbo.


    Ah! That would explain it.Thought you's were slacking!
  8. Jimbo.


    He's always proud of Rino.
  9. Jimbo.


    On every now and then Joe, but not posting much. Saw that fkr's dish in the record though and had to post it! Couldn't see another thread. Hope you and wee man are well mate.
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