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  1. I'm coming to kill you. Maybe.

  2. 8====D

    I'll just leave this here.

  3. 8=========D

    This is a boaby.

  4. chapel hat-pegs eh?? lol

  5. Oh my Jimbob how I have missed thee :-D

  6. could you please make me a sig of jelavic and miller both acton shots with the croation flag and union jack incorporated with my name bruce and a referance to them being a partnership (all in 1 sig picture if ou can )thank's in advance ...i was told you were the man for this very favour by a good number of fellow bears on the forum cheer's mate.

  7. Hey Jimbo.. How did your birthday night go..? you hve fun.? get nice prezzies..?

  8. is up in this bitch.


  10. When I was smaller I believed there was an invisable string attached to us all and when I walked out of the house, I would have to walk back into the house the same way I came, as to not tangle or stretch the string

  11. Effy from Skins. Jailbait.

  12. Who's that in yer avatar?

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