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  1. And pop round to her coven, make sure her 'Big book of Rangers' is out the way too.
  2. Ah, it's the chief adjudicator! Do us a favour Fog, turn our Internet off while we batter through a few questions will you?
  3. Was Wendy also Debs? Or was that just Miss Rangers?
  4. She'd know the questions before Fog had thought them up.
  5. Ah, did you see the 'Congratulations Zeppo' one today?
  6. She's good entertainment, in the same way that Boab is. Boab isn't completely insane tho.
  7. And she wonders why she gets a hard time in here BD. Well, that and the witch-thing.
  8. However most have read this and realised how preposterous a quiz on an INTERNET forum is... Unless they're also hard of thinking. You fkn mentalist.
  9. I 'mock' you because you're a fkn mental-case, with a big chip on her shoulder. It's nothing to do with you being a woman, but you obviously focus on the fact that you are. There's just so few witches on football-forums these days.
  10. What exactly would a google-quiz 'prove' exactly?! Your just muff-hurt because you overreacted again.
  11. I've explained to you why it's a ridiculous idea, if you can't see that I can't help you. A quiz on an Internet forum.
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