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A bit late I know


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So very sorry I'm late with this post - I got caught up in the emotion of the day and partied somewhat hard after the win. And I was then gutted to realise I hadn't recorded the game on the Sky+ so had to wait til today to find a download online of the full game (anyone want a copy, please let me know, may upload it as a torrent...)

I wanted to post the thoughts I had on the game; I know some of these have been discussed already, some of them have not. Be interested to hear what other bears think about the points below...

  • Our team is not as bad as some previous posts on here have made out (or maybe the team isn't as bad as I'd begun to fear). I've always had the suspicion that our form (or lack thereof) was more down to confidence problems. This was shown during the game - no one (and I mean NO ONE) had a poor game; most were excellent.
  • Now before someone mutters some nonsense about Mo Edu, consider this... Papac made considerably more mistakes during the game, as did Hutton (who was on the pitch for a much shorter period of time). In fact, having watched the game again, I think Edu was outstanding at right back - he suddenly remembered how to pass, tackle and muscle a player off the ball. Without engaging in lengthy debate as to who played well or didn't, I really hope that this victory gives the team a huge boost in self-belief.
  • The passion shown by certain players was inspiring for me - I was getting goosebumps watching the whole game again. I'm thinking in particular of Wylde, Naismith (who did not stop running) and Davis (deserved MOM). And I know it maybe doesn't mean a lot, but there were moments where it was great to see Weiss pump his fists to encourage the fans, McGregor encourage the whole team from the sidelines and Diouf revelling in the whole experience.
  • Whittaker + Centre Back = my worst nightmare and yet he owned the position. As with Edu above, I'm not sure what it was but it seemed that players had remembered how to play and, what is more, were playing phenomenally in positions not natural to them..
  • The winning goal... I don't think I'll ever forget that for the mixed emotions. I lived that moment in slow motion, I was certain it wasn't going in, I thought Izaguierre was going to stop it or maybe it would cross the line but the ref would wave play on... But it did go in and I think I lost my voice screaming that loud.

Oh, I almost forgot.. Billy Dodds should never be allowed near a microphone again, what a muppet...

Onwards and upwards :clap:

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OK, I've saved the biggest question for last... Why, in the celebrations, is Kerkar walking about with what could best be described as a... err... 'man-bag'?! <cr>

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Good analysis mate.

I was happy with Whitty at CB, at least we know we can throw him there when required (tu)

Had forgotten about Weiss urging the crowd! He loves it here, he loves us too. I can really see word spreading that Rangers is the place to come for these young lads that can't get a game in EPL. We can only benefit from young eager lads queueing up to join for a season.

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