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Martin Bain Has Resigned


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My abiding memories of Bain will be his reneging on a new contract for Caniggia, offering Arthur Numan £5000 a week and saying it was a fair offer, and telling Alan Hutton that the club would go into administration if he didn't leave

Adios Kojak

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Alasdair Lamont

Martin Bain officially resigns from his position as (suspended) chief executive of #Rangers


Liam McLeod

Martin Bain has officially resigned from his post as the chief executive of #Rangers

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He probably negotiated his own payoff and ended up owing Whyte money.

Whyte - "Here, ya bald fuck, there's a cheque for £400,000. Empty yer desk and take yer face fur a shite!"

Bain - "Naw, fuck that! A waant 65 notes, a hunner-pound wurth u JJB vouchers n' a taxi tae Rothesay!"

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